Just Answers - Optimize performance in DoubleClick Search Assessment

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Just Answers - Optimize performance in DoubleClick Search Assessment

Here you will find answers to the latest Google Optimize performance in DoubleClick Search Assessment. Pass the exam easily!

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Mario has a tight budget for his campaign and wants to make sure his targeting is set up to get him the best ROI possible. What feature can Mario set up in DoubleClick Search to automatically detect high-performing geographic areas?

  • Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA)
  • Adaptive geo-targeting
  • Health panel geo tab
  • Portfolio geo-bidding

SuperCoolKicks wants to see which landing page experience is best for users who have clicked the Cool Kicks sneaker ads. What best practice should they follow while they’re running this test?

  • Test as many landing pages as possible to keep the testing period short
  • Test the landing pages in every one of their ads for consistency
  • Keep the content on the landing pages unchanged
  • Keep the landing pages as generic as possible

Sometimes campaign structure doesn’t match reporting needs. What can you use to create reports that reflect your lines of business, irrespective of the campaign structure?

  • Offline data
  • Performance reports
  • Business data
  • Custom attribution modeling

Which attribution model uses Floodlight data from both converting and non-converting users?

  • Custom
  • Data-driven
  • Path Length
  • Top Conversion Paths

Which of the below is a benefit of DoubleClick Search Budget Management?

  • The ability to see aggregate budget performance across an entire account
  • The ability to create weighted goals for the entire account
  • The ability to modify bid strategies based on conversion data
  • The ability to see which geographic region has the highest ROI

Surf-N-Board sells a lot of boards in-store and they want to make sure their offline data is taken into account for optimization efforts. What’s a best practice for working with offline data?

  • Upload offline conversion data in its original formatting
  • Upload offline conversion data files in the order conversions occurred
  • Upload offline conversion data only if conversions have occurred
  • Upload offline conversion data once a month

Jane is making adjustments to her cost per action (CPA) target every day and is frustrated that DoubleClick Search seems to always be calibrating. Why does this keep happening to Jane?

  • The CPA is much higher than optimum CPA historically.
  • DoubleClick detects there’s an insufficient conversion volume to determine optimum CPA.
  • DoubleClick has a calibration period following significant CPA changes.
  • DoubleClick thinks there is insufficient budget for the ROI goal.
  • Create a bid strategy with custom Floodlight variable data as a weighted goal
  • Create a display remarketing strategy using both sticker and ski customers
  • Increase daily budget for high-performing keywords
  • Create a new campaign with adaptive geo-targeting for cold regions

Once budget plans are set in Budget Management, what is a best practice for allocating spend to meet DinoWorld Theme Park’s business needs?

  • Customize the spend allocations to provide more spend during popular events at DinoWorld Theme Park
  • Remove 10 percent of spend from each DinoWorld budget group to account for seasonal fluctuations
  • Create duplicate DinoWorld keywords to run as a control group
  • Enable A/B testing of DinoWorld landing pages to manage spend during seasonal fluctuations

Jerry wants DoubleClick to automatically adjust keyword bids based on the dollar value of Ultimate SnowShoes products that users have researched. What feature allows him to do this?

  • Adaptive geo-targeting
  • Portfolio bidding
  • Programmatic remarketing
  • Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA)
  • Bids can be adjusted based on the sitelink.
  • Users will be directed to a more relevant landing page right away.
  • Sitelinks are a good way to test landing pages.
  • Dynamic landing pages can be used.
  • Pull a report and include cost per action (CPA), cost per click (CPC)
  • Run a budget report and check actual versus forecasted spend
  • Budget Management tab
  • Health panel overview

Alan wants to see conversion credit equally divided across every click, except for the click that occurred just prior to the user converting. Which attribution model would he use?

  • Position based
  • Time Decay
  • Last click
  • Assists

Matt has run so many reports he’s having trouble figuring out what to pay attention to and what steps to take. What best practice could you give Matt?

  • Look at historical data — that always forecasts future performance
  • Review the health panel overview
  • Look for patterns across reports
  • Hire an analyst

Lucy wants to get an idea of how her bid strategy would perform with a 10 percent increase of weekly spend, without risking her budget. What feature in DoubleClick Search could help Lucy out?

  • Forecasting
  • Attribution modeling
  • Portfolio bidding
  • Bid strategy health

Bean Coffee is keeping their coffee shops open late near college campuses. They want students searching for a late-night study spot to see that a Bean Coffee location near them is still open. Which extensions should they use?

  • Location
  • Callout and location
  • Sitelink and location
  • Callout and sitelink

Suzanne has run all the reports she can think of, but she wants to make sure she’s not missing anything. What’s one method she can use to find parts of her campaign strategy that are under-credited?

  • Compare conversion data across three different attribution models
  • Add budget for landing page tests to increase conversions
  • Review the health panel overview and cross-reference performance reports
  • Use third-party targeting for promotions

Jules got an alert that two campaigns are hitting the daily budget cap, limiting performance towards his ROI target. He believes that increasing the budget will drive more conversions, but he doesn’t have budget to spare. What’s one other option?

  • Pause one of the campaigns
  • Create a new budget group
  • Enable adaptive geo-targeting
  • Lower the cost per action

James wants to see a full list of bid strategies and the health status of each. How can he do this?

  • View the Health panel overview
  • Budget Management tab
  • Pull a report and check for cost per action (CPA) across strategies
  • Add a filter for bid strategy health status on the bid strategy summary page

Bob wants to see the trade-off between cost and conversion volume by experimenting with different adjustments to his cost per action (CPA), without risking budget to do so. What feature in DoubleClick Search could help Bob experiment?

  • Portfolio bidding
  • Forecasting
  • Bid strategy health
  • Attribution modeling
  • Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA)
  • Display remarketing from search
  • Portfolio bidding
  • Programmatic remarketing

Knowing that DinoWorld park tickets tend to have a long conversion funnel, Johanna wants to give equal credit to every click that kept the user’s interest prior to purchasing tickets. Which model would she use to see credit assigned in this way?

  • Position based
  • Time Decay
  • Last click
  • Linear

What is a benefit of portfolio bid strategies?

  • They find the best-performing geographic areas and adjust bids to reach the target.
  • They manage geo-targeting across the portfolio of campaigns to reach the target.
  • They split conversion credit across all interactions to provide better insights.
  • They manage bids on keywords across the portfolio to reach the target.

Ultimate SnowShoes wants to improve their conversion rate for the Winter Warehouse sale. What is a best practice for Ultimate SnowShoes while they’re testing ad copy?

  • Limit the number of versions they test
  • Test as many different versions of their ad copy as possible
  • Include both landing page and ad copy tests for efficiency
  • Keep the ad copy as generic as possible

Debbie is excited to plan budgets directly in DoubleClick Search. What is a best practice to help her get started?

  • Group all campaigns into a single budget group for better spend optimization
  • Organize campaigns with the same advertising focus into budget groups
  • Organize campaigns into budget groups broken out by each week
  • Organize campaigns into budget groups based on geographic region

How does the position-based attribution model assign conversion credit?

  • Majority of credit is split across click interactions, with remaining credit given to any impressions
  • Majority of credit is split between the first and last interactions, with remaining credit given to other interactions
  • Majority of credit is given to the first interaction, with remaining credit given to other interactions
  • All credit goes to the last click