A local automobile dealership is creating a Performance Max campaign to drive more visits to their location. Which goal should they choose when setting up a new Performance Max campaign?

Product and brand consideration

Website traffic

Local store visits and promotions

Brand awareness and reach

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Explanation: The correct answer is Local store visits and promotions. When setting up a Performance Max campaign for a local automobile dealership aiming to drive more visits to their location, selecting the goal of local store visits and promotions is the most suitable option. This goal aligns directly with the dealership’s objective of increasing foot traffic to their physical location, which is crucial for generating sales and fostering customer engagement. By choosing this goal, the dealership can leverage Google’s advanced targeting capabilities to reach potential customers in the vicinity of their dealership, thereby maximizing the campaign’s effectiveness in driving local store visits. Additionally, Performance Max campaigns are designed to optimize towards specific objectives, and selecting the goal of local store visits and promotions ensures that the campaign’s resources are allocated towards actions that directly contribute to the dealership’s bottom line and business growth in the local market. Overall, this goal selection enables the dealership to leverage the full potential of Performance Max campaigns to achieve their specific business objectives and drive tangible results in terms of increased foot traffic and sales at their location.

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