A merchant that wants to grow its online sales is testing different campaign optimizations designed to connect them to more potential customers. What value do these experiments have for the merchant?

They can provide the merchant insights on whether proposed changes help reach the marketing objective they desire.

They ensure statistically significant results by randomly choosing how much Search traffic will be diverted to an experiment.

They let marketers measure changes' impact and reverse those changes if needed.

They can test Google Ads campaigns against TV, print ads, or other traditional media.

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Explanation: The selected answer is They can provide the merchant insights on whether proposed changes help reach the marketing objective they desire. Experimenting with different campaign optimizations is valuable for the merchant because it allows them to gather insights on whether the proposed changes help in achieving their desired marketing objectives. Through experimentation, the merchant can test various strategies, such as different ad creatives, targeting options, bidding strategies, or campaign settings, to determine which ones are most effective in driving online sales and connecting with potential customers. By systematically testing and measuring the impact of these optimizations, the merchant can identify which tactics yield the best results and refine their marketing approach accordingly. This iterative process of experimentation and optimization enables the merchant to make data-driven decisions, enhance campaign performance, and ultimately achieve their growth objectives more effectively. Therefore, conducting experiments to test different campaign optimizations provides valuable insights that help the merchant understand which strategies are most effective in reaching their marketing objectives and driving online sales.

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