Ad group settings must inherit settings from the campaign level. Select whether the previous statement is true or false.



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Explanation: The statement ‘Ad group settings must inherit settings from the campaign level’ is False. In Microsoft Search Advertising, ad group settings do not necessarily inherit settings from the campaign level by default. While ad groups are housed within campaigns and can inherit certain settings from the campaign level for convenience, such as location targeting or ad rotation preferences, they also have their own independent settings that can be customized. Ad group settings allow advertisers to fine-tune targeting, bidding, ad scheduling, ad rotation, and other parameters specific to individual ad groups within a campaign. This flexibility enables advertisers to optimize their advertising strategies by tailoring settings at both the campaign and ad group levels to suit their unique objectives and target audiences. Therefore, the statement is false as ad group settings are not strictly bound to inherit settings from the campaign level; they can be adjusted independently to achieve desired campaign performance and targeting goals in Microsoft Search Advertising.

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