Celine is a camera retailer who wants to create engaging ads with images of what products are sold from the catalog. What ad type should Celine use? Select one option.

Product ads

Responsive search ads

Ad customizers

Expanded text ads

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Explanation: The correct ad type that Celine, the camera retailer, should use to create engaging ads with images of the products sold from the catalog is Product ads. Product ads are specifically designed for retailers like Celine who want to showcase their products directly within their ads. With product ads, Celine can dynamically display images of her camera products, along with relevant details such as product names, prices, and promotional messages, directly within her ads. These visually appealing ads not only attract users’ attention but also provide them with valuable information about the products, increasing the likelihood of clicks and conversions. Additionally, product ads are highly customizable, allowing Celine to tailor her ads to different audience segments, product categories, or promotional offers to maximize their effectiveness. By leveraging product ads, Celine can create engaging and informative advertisements that effectively showcase her camera products and drive sales in Microsoft Search Advertising.

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