Cesar's online Jewelry Store is choosing an automated bidding strategy. Without constantly managing their bids, they want to specify the percentage of times their ad is displayed compared to their competitors in a given position on the search engine results page. Which bid strategy should they choose? Select one option.

Target cost-per action

Maximize clicks

Target impression share

Maximum conversions

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Explanation: Cesar’s online Jewelry Store, seeking to maintain a competitive position on the search engine results page without the need for constant bid management, should opt for the Target impression share bidding strategy. This strategy allows advertisers to specify the percentage of times they want their ad to appear in a certain position compared to their competitors’ ads on the search engine results page. By selecting a target impression share, Cesar’s Jewelry Store can ensure that their ads are consistently displayed at the desired frequency, either at the top of the page or anywhere on the page, relative to their competitors. This approach is particularly beneficial for advertisers looking to increase brand visibility, maintain a competitive presence, or dominate specific search results positions. Additionally, Target impression share bidding strategy offers automation, reducing the need for manual bid adjustments while still achieving desired ad placement objectives. Therefore, in Cesar’s scenario, where maintaining visibility and competitiveness are crucial without the need for constant bid adjustments, selecting the Target impression share bid strategy aligns with their objectives and provides an effective solution for achieving their advertising goals in Microsoft Search Advertising.

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