Complete the following sentence by selecting two correct answers: With Microsoft Advertising, you can use Dynamic Remarketing… Select two options.

Without a Microsoft Merchant Center Store.

For Microsoft Audience Network campaigns.

For search campaigns.

Without customizing your standard universal event tracking tag.

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Explanation: The correct answers are For Microsoft Audience Network campaigns and For search campaigns. Dynamic Remarketing in Microsoft Advertising allows advertisers to show customized ads to users who have previously visited their website or engaged with their products or services. By selecting the options for Microsoft Audience Network campaigns and search campaigns, advertisers can leverage Dynamic Remarketing across different types of campaigns to effectively retarget and re-engage with potential customers. In Microsoft Audience Network campaigns, dynamic remarketing enables advertisers to display personalized ads to users across a network of Microsoft-owned and operated sites, as well as partner sites. This expands the reach of retargeting efforts beyond search engine results pages, allowing advertisers to reconnect with users as they browse various websites within the Microsoft Audience Network. Similarly, in search campaigns, dynamic remarketing enables advertisers to re-engage with users who have previously interacted with their website or products while searching on Microsoft Bing. By targeting users with relevant ads based on their past interactions, advertisers can increase brand visibility, drive conversions, and maximize the effectiveness of their search advertising efforts. Therefore, by choosing these options, advertisers can fully utilize Dynamic Remarketing capabilities within Microsoft Advertising to optimize their advertising campaigns and achieve their marketing objectives.

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