Contoso Foods wants to track each time a searcher who has clicked on their ad watches a video on their site as a conversion. Which Microsoft Advertising feature do they need to implement? Select one option.

Universal event tracking destination URL conversion

Universal event tracking custom event goal

App installs

Offline conversions

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Explanation: The correct Microsoft Advertising feature that Contoso Foods needs to implement to track each time a searcher who has clicked on their ad watches a video on their site as a conversion is Universal event tracking custom event goal. Universal Event Tracking (UET) is a powerful tool within Microsoft Advertising that allows advertisers to track and measure various actions and events performed by users on their website after clicking on an ad. By implementing a custom event goal using UET, Contoso Foods can define specific events, such as watching a video, as conversions and track them accurately. This enables Contoso Foods to gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns in driving video views and engagement, and to optimize their strategies accordingly. The custom event goal feature provides flexibility for advertisers to track a wide range of user interactions beyond standard conversions, allowing for more granular tracking and analysis of campaign performance. Therefore, selecting the Universal event tracking custom event goal aligns with Contoso Foods’ objective of tracking video views as conversions in Microsoft Search Advertising.

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