Contoso Pet Supplies wants their ad for the keyword 'Cat Snaxxx' triggered when a user searches either of the individual words in any order, or words related to Cat or Snaxxx. Which match option should they choose? Select one option.

Broad match

Exact match

Phrase match

Modifier match

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Explanation: The correct match option that Contoso Pet Supplies should choose to ensure their ad for the keyword ‘Cat Snaxxx’ is triggered when a user searches either of the individual words in any order, or words related to Cat or Snaxxx, is Broad match. Broad match is a keyword match type in Microsoft Advertising that allows ads to be triggered by variations of the keyword, including synonyms, misspellings, related searches, and variations in word order. By selecting broad match for the keyword ‘Cat Snaxxx’, Contoso Pet Supplies ensures that their ad can appear in response to a wide range of user queries related to cats, snacks, or any combination thereof, maximizing the reach and visibility of their ad. This match type is particularly useful for advertisers who want to capture a broad audience and explore new keyword opportunities without having to manually specify every potential variation or related term. Conversely, exact match, phrase match, and modifier match are more restrictive match types that require the user’s search query to closely match the specified keyword or keyword phrase, making them less suitable for Contoso Pet Supplies’ objective of capturing a broad range of relevant searches related to ‘Cat Snaxxx’. Therefore, selecting broad match aligns with Contoso Pet Supplies’ goal of reaching users searching for variations or related terms of their target keyword in Microsoft Search Advertising.

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