Contoso Vacations sells experiences in Mexico. Which of the following targeting opportunities are available to them with Microsoft Advertising? Select all that apply.

They can target selected postcodes in Mexico.

They can target their ads to Mexico for local tourists.

They can target selected IP addresses.

They can target their ads to people searching about Mexico.

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Explanation: The selected correct targeting opportunities available to Contoso Vacations with Microsoft Advertising are They can target their ads to Mexico for local tourists and They can target their ads to people searching about Mexico. These targeting options enable Contoso Vacations to reach relevant audiences interested in experiences in Mexico. By targeting their ads to Mexico, Contoso Vacations can effectively reach local tourists who are already in the country and are likely interested in exploring different travel experiences and attractions. Additionally, targeting their ads to people searching about Mexico allows Contoso Vacations to reach a broader audience interested in travel to Mexico, including potential tourists researching destinations, accommodations, activities, and attractions in the country. Conversely, targeting selected postcodes in Mexico or selected IP addresses may not be as effective for reaching relevant audiences interested in travel experiences in Mexico, as these targeting options may not capture the broader audience searching for or interested in travel to the country. Therefore, leveraging the targeting opportunities to target ads to Mexico for local tourists and to people searching about Mexico aligns with Contoso Vacations’ goal of promoting travel experiences in Mexico and reaching potential customers interested in exploring the country in Microsoft Search Advertising.

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