Dynamic Search Ads automatically target relevant search queries based on the content of your website, and are dynamically created to respond to these search queries. Select whether the previous statement is true or false.



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Explanation: The selected answer, ‘True,’ is correct. Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) indeed automatically target relevant search queries based on the content of a website and dynamically generate ad headlines and landing pages to respond to these queries. Unlike traditional keyword-based campaigns where advertisers manually select keywords, DSAs use the content of the advertiser’s website to determine which searches are relevant. Microsoft Advertising’s algorithms analyze the content of the website’s landing pages and match them with user search queries, dynamically generating ad headlines that closely match the search query. This approach allows advertisers to capture relevant traffic for searches that might not have been covered by their keyword lists. Additionally, DSAs can adapt to changes in website content, ensuring that ads remain relevant and up-to-date without the need for manual adjustments. Overall, DSAs offer advertisers a dynamic and efficient way to target relevant search queries and maximize their reach across the Microsoft Search Network.

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