Exact match can also match to search queries that are minor variations of the keyword, or ‘close variants’. Select whether the previous statement is true or false.



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Explanation: The statement is True. In Microsoft Advertising, the Exact Match keyword match type allows advertisers to precisely target search queries that match their specified keyword exactly, without any variations. However, in practice, Exact Match can also trigger ads for search queries that are minor variations or close variants of the specified keyword. These close variants may include misspellings, singular or plural forms, abbreviations, acronyms, stemmings, and paraphrases. While Exact Match is designed to prioritize close variants that have the same meaning as the specified keyword, it allows for some flexibility in matching to ensure that advertisers reach a broader audience without sacrificing relevance. This feature helps advertisers capture relevant traffic and potential customers who may use variations of the keyword in their search queries, thereby maximizing the effectiveness and reach of Exact Match campaigns. Understanding how close variants work within the Exact Match keyword match type is essential for advertisers to optimize their targeting strategies and ensure that their ads appear for relevant search queries while maintaining precision and relevance.

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