Alan has introduced a new line of scooters on his website and is using a Google Display Ad campaign to promote them. He selects 'Build awareness' as the marketing objective for his campaign. Why would Alan choose 'Build awareness' as his marketing objective?

To reach a broad audience for his scooters.

To engage with audiences who previously bought his scooters.

To reengage users who previously showed interest in his scooters.

To dynamically generate ads, based on an audience's interest in scooters.

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Explanation: The correct answer is To reach a broad audience for his scooters. Alan chooses ‘Build awareness’ as his marketing objective because he wants to introduce his new line of scooters to a wider audience. This objective is ideal for generating exposure and creating brand awareness among potential customers who may not be familiar with his products yet. By selecting this objective, Alan aims to reach a broad audience and capture the attention of users who are interested in scooters or related products. Building awareness is crucial, especially for a new product line, as it lays the foundation for future consideration and potential conversions. Alan’s goal is to increase visibility and attract new customers to his website, making ‘Build awareness’ the most appropriate marketing objective for his campaign.

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