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How many times will we show members an ad from the same company page within a 48-hour period?

  • Up to 2
  • Up to 5
  • Up to 3
  • Up to 4

When you are setting up your retargeting audience, you should add as many targeting layers as possible to narrow it down.

  • True
  • False

No matter how low your CPL is, if you generate higher quality leads, these will be more likely to convert, which means higher ROI in the long-run.

  • False
  • True

Allison is trying to understand who she should be targeting with her new brand campaign. To get some inspiration, which of the following should she look at?

  • Campaign Demographics in Campaign Manager
  • The Insight Tag
  • Website Demographics in Campaign Manager

Anika wants to reach a broad audience for her brand awareness campaign. Which targeting methods should she explore? Select all that apply.

  • Use LinkedIn Audience Network to reach professionals on mobile apps and websites beyond LinkedIn
  • Use AND targeting to target more attributes
  • Use website demographics to target the buying committee Leverage company list targeting

A company wants to distribute its latest white paper and gather prospects’ data. They create an ad with a form, targeting key decision makers. Which type of campaign are they running?

  • Brand awareness campaign
  • Demand generation campaign
  • Lead generation campaign

Sherry installed the LinkedIn Insight Tag to help her be more effective in reaching the buying committee. Why is this useful?

  • The LinkedIn Insight Tag is reporting tool that targets decision makers so it helps Sherry reach the right audience
  • The LinkedIn Insight Tag allows Sherry to follow a specific audience on LinkedIn
  • The LinkedIn Insight Tag helps Sherry see Website Demographics of her landing page so she can refine her ad targeting

All three stages in the funnel (Awareness, Consideration, Conversion) are important when planning brand-building campaigns.

  • True
  • False

Why is it important that both marketing and sales are aligned when it comes to ABM? Select two.

  • Because they should both focus mainly on converting
  • Because they should collaborate in defining the attributes that constitute a target account and the efforts to get them
  • Because they should both focus mainly on targeting the right people
  • Because they share the same end goal

When repurposing content from other platforms, no editing is usually required.

  • True
  • False

Ana is seeing a high CTR but a low conversion rate in her campaign. How can she improve this?

  • Improve the conversion process on her website
  • Revise her targeting settings
  • Revise her creative in order to increase her CTR
  • Discard use of website conversions, as it is not compatible with her company

How long will a website retargeting audience take to build, on average?

  • Once you reach 300 members, it will depend on your website traffic
  • Less than 24h
  • Less than 48h

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What is considered long-form content?

  • Content containing 2,000 words
  • Content containing less than 500 words
  • Content containing at least 3,000 words
  • Content containing 1,000 words

Alexander wants to see if he is driving the buying committee to his company’s website. How would he be able to see that data? Select all that apply.

  • Post a survey on his LinkedIn Page
  • Install the LinkedIn Insight Tag on his website
  • Leverage the LinkedIn Audience Network to reach people on LinkedIn
  • Use Website Demographics to examine the Industry, Job Function, and Seniority

Brand strategies build mental availability with future buyers.

  • False
  • True

LinkedIn is the ideal platform for your lead generation goals because of its… Select all that apply.

  • Intent-driven audience
  • Professional environment
  • Relevant engagement

What are the steps involved in brand building? Select all that apply.

  • Review results to optimize ROI
  • Create content that resonates
  • Target a broad audience
  • Plan the customer journey

Reach Optimization must be enabled to see forecasted results, for both reach and frequency.

  • True
  • False

Rafael is finalizing his creative for his advertising campaign. Which best practice should he follow?

  • Use bold, complementary colors and shapes
  • Use text with at least 200 characters
  • Avoid using people in the images
  • Include at least 2 messages in the ad

What is the 95-5 rule?

  • 95% of marketers are driving brand awareness
  • 95% of buyers are out-of-market at any given time
  • 95% of buyers are in market at any given time
  • 95% of brands have a brand strategy

LinkedIn’s B2C audience has three times the buying power of an average web audience.

  • False
  • True

Creating and distributing valuable thought leadership content to the right audiences is at the heart of driving brand awareness on LinkedIn.

  • True
  • False

According to LinkedIn, how much of the buyer’s purchase journey is completed before contacting the vendor?

  • 33%
  • 50%
  • 90%
  • 72%

Serena’s lead gen campaign has been live for a few months and she is reporting on the results. She wants to know how she is performing. Which metrics in the Campaign Manager does LinkedIn recommend Serena reviews? Select all that apply.

  • Cost per lead (CPL)
  • Number of leads
  • Average click-through rate (CTR)

Stronger brands experience more sensitivity to their pricing.

  • False
  • True

Which of the following are best practices for strong thought leadership content?

  • Offer new perspectives and insights to existing challenges
  • Talk about what everyone else is talking about
  • Emphasize selling your products
  • Present facts with minimal insight or opinion

Mackenzie wants to improve frequency for her brand awareness campaign. How many ad creatives should she run, according to LinkedIn?

  • 6 to 7
  • 2 to 3
  • None of the above
  • 4 to 5

Which is not a LinkedIn best practice for lead generation targeting?

  • Use Lookalike Audiences
  • Include your own company
  • Avoid hyper targeting
  • Set up different campaigns and approaches
  • Use Contact and Account targeting

Which of the following sentences is true about Conversion Tracking?

  • It reports on Lead Gen Form activity
  • It only performs well when tracking actions on specific landing pages
  • It requires the Insight Tag to work

Which of the following best describes Conversion Tracking?

  • A tool that can be used on brand awareness campaigns to look at engagement levels
  • An analytical function that gathers insights into post-click and view-through conversions of your LinkedIn ads campaigns
  • A tool that tracks conversions within the LinkedIn environment
  • A marketing strategy that seeks to increase number of leads

Juan wants to track website demographics. Which does he need to do?

  • Run display ads
  • Leverage message ads
  • Add the LinkedIn Insight Tag
  • Set up a LinkedIn Page

When it comes to converting your audience into customers, what works best?

  • Exposing them to both branding and acquisition activities
  • Exposing them mainly to branding activities
  • Exposing them mainly to acquisition activities

Which of the definitions best describes brand awareness campaigns?

  • They are conversion-based campaigns to move more relevant target audiences through your funnel
  • They are impression-based campaigns to maximize your reach of relevant target audiences at the top of the funnel

How would you best approach your campaign’s reach for lead generation?

  • Hyper target so that you make sure you are reaching the right audience
  • Target broadly so that you make sure as many people as possible see your ad
  • Start broad and narrow down your audience as you analyze results

There is no average web conversion rate because this metric will normally depend on… Select three.

  • User interface
  • Type of ad
  • Speed
  • Website design

If you detect that your CTR is underperforming, what can you do to improve it?

  • You could try changing your targeting filters
  • You could try to improve your images and text so that they attract more people
  • You could increase your budget so that it reaches more people

How does LinkedIn help you with account-based marketing (ABM)? Select all that apply.

  • It helps you get closer to decision makers within your target companies
  • It ensures your brand is present and prepared to help during each stage of the funnel
  • It combines LinkedIn’s first-party data with your account lists
  • It automatically provides you with a list of accounts that match your area of expertise

Sara’s lead gen campaign has been live for a few months now and she is reporting on the results. She wants to know how her website conversions are doing. On Campaign Manager, what would be the key metric that will help her measure her performance?

  • Conversion rate
  • Clicks
  • View conversions

Wati is exploring using LinkedIn Audience Network to drive brand awareness. Would this be a good idea?

  • Yes, LinkedIn Audience Network helps marketers expand their targeting on LinkedIn
  • No, LinkedIn Audience Network can limit your performance across advertising objectives
  • Yes, LinkedIn Audience Network helps marketers reach targeted professionals across multiple touch points and in different environments
  • No, LinkedIn Audience Network narrows a marketers targeting

It is not possible to select brand awareness as a specific campaign objective in Campaign Manager.

  • False
  • True

Daniel has decided to integrate his Lead Gen Form with his CRM system. How will this affect him?

  • He will be able to take action on his leads quickly
  • All his leads will be stored in Campaign Manager for up to 30 days
  • He will have to start downloading his lead lists manually

When do you implement your privacy policy URLs during the campaign process?

  • Before creating your Lead Gen Form
  • During the set-up of your Lead Gen Form
  • Once your Lead Gen Form is created
  • False
  • True

When setting up Conversion Tracking on your website, what is a Conversion Window?

  • The amount of time your audience spend on your website
  • The timeframe within which conversions will be attributed to your LinkedIn ad
  • The amount of times your audience clicks on your ad

Brand equity improves… Select all that apply.

  • Pricing power
  • Category security
  • Customer experience
  • Competitive advantage

Getting your prospects’ contact details is a priority when you are running a demand generation campaign.

  • False
  • True

Joanne wants to improve brand sentiment. According to LinkedIn, which leading metrics should she consider? Select all that apply.

  • Social engagements (likes, shares, comments)
  • Clicks
  • Video views
  • Frequency
  • Reach

Which lead gen campaign would you consider more successful?

  • One that shows a higher ROI (return on investment)
  • One that shows the lowest CPL (cost per lead)

When it comes to retargeting for lead gen, which is considered a best practice for audience size and scale?

  • 50K+ for open not submitted in the past 60 days
  • 1K+ for open not submitted in the past 90 days
  • 50K+ for video in the past 30 days

On a LinkedIn post, when is the copy truncated?

  • 120 characters
  • 150 characters
  • 200 characters
  • 100 characters

The lead score increases as you learn more about how your audience engages with your website and your marketing activities.

  • False
  • True

LinkedIn recommends having 2 to 3 ad creatives to improve frequency.

  • True
  • False

Vijeeth is launching a campaign, focused on brand awareness. Which leading metrics should he use? Select all that apply.

  • Frequency
  • Conversions
  • Video views
  • Reach
  • Impressions

You need to install the Insight Tag on your website to be able to use the Website Demographics tool.

  • True
  • False

In your LinkedIn Campaign Manager, which marketing goal should you choose if you are looking to generate leads?

  • Brand awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

Which of the following steps are important before scoring your leads? Select three.

  • Align Sales and Marketing
  • Set up your marketing automation system
  • Make sure you know your CPL
  • Determine your ideal persona

For Lead Gen Form campaigns, conversion actions can be added to a campaign via:

  • Either by editing campaign details or by adding the campaign name when creating the conversion action
  • By adding the campaign name when creating the conversion action
  • Only via ‘Edit campaign details’

What percentage of decision makers say that thought leadership can be effective in influencing their purchasing decisions?

  • 29%
  • 49%
  • 19%
  • 39%

If you find you are getting a high CTR but a low completion rate, what could you do to improve it?

  • Rethink your strategy and go backwards in the funnel
  • Revise your form and make sure that it is easy to fill in
  • Revise your creative
  • Change your CTA

Which of the following criteria would you consider demographic traits? Select three.

  • Job title
  • Job function
  • Registering for an event or webinar
  • Requesting certain types of content
  • Industry
  • Signing up for a free trial

When setting up your retargeting campaign, converters will be excluded automatically.

  • False
  • True

When setting your campaign’s targeting, the audience count will include members from Audience Expansion when Audience Expansion is enabled.

  • True
  • False

How does LinkedIn define ‘mental availability’?

  • The amount of space someone has to dedicate to a topic
  • The degree to which someone is paying attention to your brand
  • The likelihood that a customer will think of your brand in a buying scenario
  • The time someone dedicates to learning about your brand

Reach Optimization is only available with the max delivery bidding option.

  • False
  • True

What are the greatest drivers of growth in B2B and B2C? Select all that apply.

  • Use messaging forms, including ads, product messaging, and thought leadership
  • Target a specific senior leader at a company
  • Target a broad audience
  • Rely solely on thought leadership to build brand equity

Kai is creating thought leadership content. According to LinkedIn, which best practices should he follow? Select 2.

  • Demonstrate product expertise
  • Offer elementary insights
  • Leverage the different organic and paid ad formats within LinkedIn
  • Add new perspectives

What are some key advantages of using Data Integrations with LinkedIn marketing partners? Select all the apply.

  • Marketing partners can help you standardize the information you receive and append more information onto your LinkedIn leads
  • They allow you to create Matched Audiences on LinkedIn from email addresses from your CRM platform
  • Automating the delivery of your lead directly into the sales or marketing platform of your choice

Nicolas wants to use data about his website visitors to create targeted ads on LinkedIn. Which tool should he use?

  • The Conversion Tracking Tool
  • Campaign Demographics
  • Website Demographics
  • Organic and paid campaigns
  • Paid campaigns only
  • Organic activity only

When setting up Conversion Tracking, what is the Attribution Model?

  • It’s the tag you need to install in order to track conversions
  • It’s a tab that allows you to measure the performance of your campaign
  • It’s how each ad interaction is credited for a conversion

When working with LinkedIn marketing partners, if you don’t see your CRM or marketing automation platform listed:

  • It won’t be possible to integrate your data
  • You can download a CSV file and manually upload it to your database
  • You will have to use a different Marketing Automation platform

Alice has not yet associated her Lead Gen Form with an ad in an active campaign. What would she be able to edit?

  • Language and target audience
  • All fields except the form language
  • All fields except her creative
  • She can’t edit any fields

For custom questions in your Lead Gen Form, the best type of question is one where…

  • Members fill in an answer
  • Members can choose from a dropdown menu

Once you have your leads, how can you attribute them to a specific campaign or update? Select two.

  • By downloading a report by ad performance or campaign performance
  • By selecting all active campaigns and breaking down the data by source
  • By clicking into the individual campaign in the Campaign Manager and breaking down the lead data by update

Lead Gen Forms are supported by the following ad formats. Select all that apply.

  • Carousel Image Ads
  • Conversation Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Single Image Ads
  • Spotlight Ads

The number of fields on a Lead Gen Form should ideally be:

  • At least 5
  • Fewer than 5
  • At least 7
  • Between 2 and 3

Which type of access would you need to download leads?

  • Viewer access only
  • Designated Admin OR Lead Gen Forms Manager access on the LinkedIn Page

How can you use the Insight Tag to help your brand awareness strategy? Select three.

  • Upload contact lists to use in targeting campaigns
  • Compare different pages to learn which kinds of content resonate with different audiences
  • Automatically repost content from your website onto your LinkedIn Page
  • Gain valuable audience insights—like job titles, company names, and industries—using accurate professional data
  • Use insights about your website visitors to create targeted ads

Conversion value is…

  • The dollar amount which is given to each conversion
  • The score you give a lead
  • The amount invested in an entire conversion campaign
  • The amount a customer spends on his/hers first purchase

Lead scoring is a methodology used for:

  • Tracking how your leads interact with your ads
  • Ranking leads according to their sales-readiness
  • Defining your ideal buyer persona
  • Getting leads at scale

What would be a good first step before you design your targeting strategy?

  • Hyper target to start with a small audience
  • Discard LinkedIn’s data and leverage only your own contact lists
  • Integrate your data with LinkedIn’s data

In order to use Website Retargeting, you will have to install the Insight Tag.

  • True
  • False

Which tactics would you use in order to get leads via LinkedIn Marketing Solutions? Select all that apply.

  • Conversion Tracking
  • Brand awareness
  • Lead Gen Forms

How many different creatives should your campaigns have?

  • Fewer than 2
  • At least 4-5
  • 2-3

If you want to track PDF downloads instead of a thank-you page, what should you use?

  • Standard Insight Tag
  • Event-specific (“on-click”) image pixel

Peter’s ads are driving leads, but don’t seem to be turning into SQLs or closed opportunities. What should he do?

  • Increase his ad spend
  • Launch a bigger campaign
  • Nurture his audience using a mix of ungated content

Mallory is tracking her brand awareness campaign. What should she focus on to demonstrate the impact of her brand awareness investment? Select all that apply

  • Install the LinkedIn Insight Tag to her website to see more demographics
  • Leverage her LinkedIn Conversion Tracking tool
  • Check engagement and click-through rate

Phuong is creating her brand awareness campaign. Which stage in the funnel should she focus on?

  • Conversion
  • Awareness
  • All of the above
  • Consideration
  • None of the above

In order to use Lead Gen Forms, you must first install Insight Tag.

  • False
  • True

Having a high CTR usually means you get a high number of submitted forms.

  • True
  • False

When setting up your conversions, you can select how each ad interaction is credited for a conversion across multiple campaigns. The attribution model can be set to each campaign or a single campaign.

  • False
  • True

Mei-Ling is creating thought leadership content to help with her brand awareness. Which tips does LinkedIn recommend? Select 3.

  • Leverage organic and paid channels
  • Add more white noise
  • Add new perspectives
  • Keep it timely and brief

According to LinkedIn, what are the four Thought Leadership Personas? Select all that apply.

  • Visionary
  • Guide
  • Evangelist
  • Coach
  • Mentor
  • Professor

In what ways does LinkedIn help you retarget your audience? Select all that apply.

  • Retarget your website visitors that have not completed your desired action
  • Retarget the audience segments who have shown the least interest in your ads
  • Retarget those who have viewed your video ad, whether completely or partially
  • Retarget those who have shown an interest by opening or submitting a Lead Gen Form

Why would you use Audience Expansion?

  • To target audiences with similar attributes to your audience
  • To target audiences outside of your website demographics
  • To target audiences with different attributes than your target audience

Andrea is creating a 1,000 word blog post. Which type of content is this considered to be, according to LinkedIn?

  • None of the above
  • Long-form content
  • Short-form content
  • Mid-form content

A lead scoring model has different components that can be selected based on activity or demographics.

  • True
  • False

Lead gen and demand gen are two ways of saying the same thing.

  • True
  • False

Jean-Paul is about to launch a retargeting campaign using Lead Gen Forms. As he is setting up his audience, which segments could he consider excluding?

  • Those who have opened and submitted his form
  • Those who have already opened his form
  • Those who have viewed his ads already

Depending on the duration of your campaign, it is good practice to refresh your Lead Gen Form to help you optimize the data you’re collecting based on lead quality feedback from your team.

  • False
  • True

Which of the following questions might you ask yourself in order to establish what is important while evaluating lead quality? Select five.

  • What is the minimum criteria a lead must pass to become a customer?
  • How long is the sales cycle of a valuable lead vs. a low-scoring lead?
  • What does a successful customer journey look like?
  • How can I reduce my cost per lead?
  • What qualities do your current customers have in common?
  • What is the lifetime value or average spend of a valuable lead?

Alexander is running a lead gen campaign and has decided to offer a free demo as a way of driving leads. However, so far, no-one seems to be interested. What could Alexander improve to achieve his goal? Select all that apply.

  • He should make sure he is consistent and always offer free trials or demos in his ads
  • He should review and diversify his content mix
  • He should try to understand what his audience’s needs are and provide his content accordingly
  • He should prioritize getting his sales team to talk to his audience as soon as possible

Sara is starting to build her brand awareness campaign. Which ad formats should she consider? Select all that apply.

  • Conversation Ads
  • Lead Gen Forms
  • Video Ads
  • Single Image Ads

Lucas wants to share thought leadership content on LinkedIn. He should repurpose existing content distributed on other platforms.

  • False
  • True

Decision makers tend to be interested in thought leadership content that is timely and brief.

  • True
  • False

According to LinkedIn, brand lift measures the impact your customer service has on how your brand is perceived.

  • True
  • False

A successful lead gen campaign is one that gets you the highest amount of leads, regardless of whether they convert or not.

  • True
  • False

When measuring brand lift on LinkedIn, test results and statistical strength can continue to fluctuate for how many days after your scheduled end date?

  • Up to 10 days
  • Up to 5 days
  • Up to 15 days
  • Up to 20 days
  • Message Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Single Image Ads
  • Text Ads

Brand equity requires the company to build mental availability.

  • False
  • True

Afiya is measuring brand lift for her LinkedIn campaign. What happens when she sets up a lift test? Select 2.

  • Set up brand surveys that appear 1 to 7 days after an ad impression and are distributed to members in both groups
  • Use Reach and Frequency as her leading metrics
  • Split her target audience into 2 groups for the duration of the brand lift test: control and test groups
  • Split her target audience into 3 groups: Control, Test Group 1, Test Group 2
  • Set up brand surveys that appear 1 to 7 days after an ad impression and are distributed to only the test group

Alice wants to redirect intent-driven members to her content to convert them into customers. Which of the following actions would you recommend?

  • Retarget people who have watched at least 25% of her short video ad with a Lead Gen Form
  • Wait for her prospects to take action on her website in order to retarget them
  • Retarget people who have watched 75% of her short video with a Lead Gen Form

Which assets do you need when creating an ad with a Lead Gen Form? Select all that apply.

  • Form details
  • Ad creative
  • Confirmation message
  • A personalized call-to-action message for each lead

Ji-Won has a small audience size in his forecasting tool. Which LinkedIn targeting features can he use to expand his audience size? Select all that apply.

  • Saved audiences
  • Audience expansion
  • Lookalike audiences
  • LinkedIn Audience Network

In order to create your Lead Gen Form, including a Privacy Policy URL is:

  • Optional
  • Mandatory
  • It depends on the country

According to LinkedIn, how many people on average are involved in each B2B purchase decision?

  • 4.6
  • 1
  • 6.8
  • 2.5

Scott is focused on building his company’s brand. What should he focus on? Select all that apply.

  • Target a specific senior leader at a company
  • Target a broad audience
  • Rely solely on thought leadership to build brand equity

Building your Lead Gen Form and video retargeting audience may take up to:

  • 48h
  • 24h
  • 72h