LinkedIn Marketing Labs Certifications - Why and How to Use Them

What are LinkedIn Marketing Labs certifications, and do you need them? Learn more how to get certified fast.

LinkedIn Marketing Labs Certifications - Why and How to Use Them

B2B marketers today know that it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and move quickly because the digital space evolves each day. More ambitious marketers know that education is ongoing, but they don’t do it in a traditional classroom. Instead, they’re working and in real time because they are constantly in pursuit of what’s next and best.

Newer digital marketing tools have become available, and each one adds new capabilities and features. They want you to stay out front and maintain your cutting-edge experience because that equals marketability.

How do you do this? You need LinkedIn Marketing Labs certifications to help you gain the recognition and skills necessary to be a LinkedIn Ads expert. This will improve your ad campaigns tremendously!

Cuurently, LinkedIn offers 3 marketing certifications: 👉 Below you can get familiar with real exam questions (and answers) for each program.

What Are LinkedIn Marketing Labs Certifications?

LinkedIn Marketing Labs has created a fundamental certification program that helps you demonstrate proficiency with tactics and ad campaigns. The brand did this to help freelancers and marketers boost their digital marketing games and get ahead of the competition.

With them, you will learn how to run successful campaigns, decipher reporting to help you drive business results and extract valuable insights, and optimize targeting.

The free certification is ideal for all B2B marketers using LinkedIn’s marketing tools. The brand knows that you need knowledge, and being certified shows your expertise. There are 👉 many certification options available.

Overall, the certifications LinkedIn offers are free to use. It shouldn’t cost anything to demonstrate and develop your skills. Plus, it provides practice tests and optional courses to help you pass the course. If that’s not enough, Examroll can ensure that you get the answers to the questions, so you spend less time studying and more time working!

Though you don’t have to take the courses or get certified, it’s often seen as a measure for your craft. You’re working hard and learning what you can to be a better professional, and other LinkedIn members will see that.

Why Should You Get Certified Through a Certification Exam?

It’s no surprise that LinkedIn is the top social network for business-to-business marketers, and it also works well for paid social. In fact, about 80 percent of all B2B content marketers choose LinkedIn Ads. Therefore, when you’re more knowledgeable in this space, you’re more valuable to your organization or can even become attractive to others.

Getting certified through LinkedIn Marketing Labs means you benefit from that credential and can add it to your LinkedIn profile.

You’re showing the world that you want to further your education and demonstrate your expertise and commitment to your craft. Likewise, the skills and information you get are immediately applicable while you manage and launch ad campaigns.

However, you shouldn’t be focusing so much on the certifications and taking all that time to study. Marketing is your absolute goal and your bread-and-butter, and you can get the exam answers for the strategy certification easily.

👉 Latest LinkedIn marketing strategy certification exam answers

The Fundamentals Certification - Crucial Topics

Since you want to be certified in LinkedIn marketing, it’s important to ace the exam. Continue reading to see an overview of the topics it covers. These are the Cliff Notes to think about before taking the test, and using it benefits your marketing. If that’s not in the cards, you can always get the answers to the questions to make life easier.

👉 Latest LinkedIn marketing solutions fundamentals certification exam answers

LinkedIn’s Value

More than 770 million people in 200 countries call LinkedIn home, and it’s considered the biggest global community for professional people. In fact, it’s grown to be a credible and trusted platform, and everyone, from individual contributors to senior-level influencers, can connect with their peers, advance their careers, and learn what’s trending.

In a sense, it’s the top platform out there for engaging with your B2B audience.

Companies advertising with LinkedIn as part of the marketing strategy often see results that go way past the point of sale. Its credibility enhances brand reputation with a halo effect that can be two to three times what you put in. Customers will see you as trusted, professional, and intelligent.

Understanding how to create ad campaigns and marketing yourself effectively is the first step. Getting certified while you hone your strategy can be highly beneficial.

LinkedIn’s Insight Tag

The free reporting tool has many top features, such as conversion tracking, retargeting, and web analytics, which work well for LinkedIn ad campaigns.

You can install a Javascript code snippet on your website to gain insight about the makeup of LinkedIn members who visit you to understand your audience and create a marketing and targeting strategy that can be adjusted as needed.

Though you get a bit creative with the fundamentals course, the creative design certification could be the answer you seek. When you’re certified in this, you become a better marketer, and it’s easy to find exam answers without having to study for long periods.

Ad and Objectives Formats

When creating LinkedIn ad campaigns, you must first establish your objective. What should customers do when they engage with the ad? Knowing that will help you build your campaign and allows LinkedIn to optimize it for success later.

Overall, Linkedin categorizes the objectives in three different ways:

Conversions - Website conversions, fuel lead generation, and job applications

Consideration - Engagement, drive website visits, and video views to build relationships

Awareness - Share your voice and increase visibility

With your proper audience and chosen objective picked, it’s time to select your ad format and adapt the creative campaign to fit it. You’ll find many options and should take time to learn how they function after you get certified. Overall, marketing this way ensures that you grab the lead when working with customers and the competition.

LinkedIn Targeting

The targeting capabilities for LinkedIn marketing are very powerful. They will help a marketer engage with a qualified audience, advertising things more effectively. Likewise, you can meet others in a professional context; you’re both motivated and want to advance your careers, achieve business objectives, and grow professionally.

Limited scale can hurt your initial ad campaigns. The opportunities might be robust, but you shouldn’t layer your targeting attributes other than language and location when you start out. Otherwise, you might be advertising to too few people.

The components of targeting here are Matched Audiences and Audience Attributes. You want to show expertise in both to advance your business.

With Audience Attributes, you can target others based on member-generated and real data, including:

  • Interests (member groups and traits)

  • Job Experience Attributes (job seniority and job function)

  • Education Attributes (degrees and fields of study)

  • Demographic Attributes (member age and gender)

  • Company Attributes (company industry or name)

When setting up your marketing campaign, you can also exclude attributes to reach the right audience, and it’s wise to do this as part of your overall strategy.

Matched Audiences help you use your prospect lists to target people who’ve already engaged with the ad content. This puts you in touch with the decision-makers and will also keep your company at the top of a person’s mind when decisions are made. Usually, advertisers who choose Matched Audiences will improve the cost per lead by 14 percent.

Options can include:

  • Company List Targeting - You can reach specific companies that have qualified and high-value accounts, which is ideal for ABM strategies.

  • Contact Targeting - Integrate or upload your contact lists to target people on LinkedIn. Then, you can layer the audience attributes that work to make sure you’re reaching the right people.

  • Website Retargeting - Serve advertisements to people who have engaged with a Lead Gen Form or one of your videos already. This will greatly increase conversion probabilities.

Focus on Practice Skills and Not Passing Tests

LinkedIn Marketing Labs can be highly beneficial for small marketing agencies and freelancers who want to add credibility to their profiles. You likely have basic skills already, but you want to enhance them and renew your certificates.

However, getting certified is often seen as a challenge. You must answer 60 multiple-choice questions in just 60 minutes, which ultimately gives you one minute per question. Upon passing the exams, you’ll get a certificate that showcases those credentials through your LinkedIn profile. You may also print them for a portfolio and add them to your email signature.

Clearly, you benefit from instant recognition because of the certification badge showing your expertise. However, you will gain practical skills, as well. Still, most people don’t have time to cram for tests, and that strategy rarely works anyway.

Consider when you were in school and spent an hour or longer prepping for a test. That’s an hour you didn’t have free for other things. This applies here because you should be focusing on advertising and ad campaigns. Marketing is your bread and butter and how you get paid. Being a marketer isn’t easy, but Examroll can help you.

It’s easy to use Examroll. Simply scroll through for some of the answers to the questions, getting an idea of what it can do and how it can benefit you. When you’re ready, click the download button, pay, and receive the help you need to pass the course. You’ll be glad you did!

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