How to Become Google Ads Certified Professional?

Google Ads is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. Pass the exams easily. Learn how

How to Become Google Ads Certified Professional?

Google Ads certifications show your knowledge in PPC and could enhance your career. Learn about how these certifications work and tips on getting certified!

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Google Ads is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. To help advertisers understand the platform and create more successful campaigns, Google has created its own certification program  called “Google Ads certifications.” In this article we’re going to examine how these work-and what you need to get certified!

Both, a traditional way and a fast shortcut.

What is a Google Ads Certification?

Google certifications are a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the Google Ads platform. They’re designed for anyone who wants more career opportunities in digital marketing.

Currently Google offers 9 certification (regular) programs in Google Ads category (Google SkillShop Platform):

  • Google Ads Search certification
  • Google Ads AI-powered performance certification
  • Google Display Ads certification
  • Shopping Ads certification
  • Google Video Ads certification
  • Measurement of Google Ads campaigns
  • Google Apps certification
  • Google Ads creative
  • Grow offline sales certification

AND 3 Google Ads Professional certification programs:

Why Get a Google Ads Certification?

To start, getting certified is an effective way to learn the ins and outs of Google Ads. Each certification requires you pass a test on basic concepts as well more advanced knowledge about how it all works in this advertising platform. The benefits don’t stop there though - by showing that your skills are up-to date with what’s expected at work you’ll set yourself apart against other candidates.

The demand for digital marketers with Google Ads experience is outweighing the supply, which means that you’ll have an even greater advantage over your competition.

Having a certificate from Google will help you to stand out of the crowd.

Even you choose to focus on different areas, enhancing your profile with widely recognized certificates will clearly demonstrate that you are a kind of person who wants to develop your skills over time. Your intention to learn and proven record of your learning path is by far the most important aspect evaluating you as a candidate by potential employers.

In addition, Google Ads certifications are required if you are aiming to get Google Partners badge. You will need at least two certified individuals to meet Google Partners program requirements and become a Google partner.

How to Become Google Ads Certified (traditional path)?

Getting Google Ads certification is not a rocket science. Anyone can earn Google Ads certificate. If you decide to go a traditional path , there are some steps to follow.

Create a Google SkillShop account.

In order to start your certification path, first you need to create a free Google SkillShop account. Just sign in with your Google account and you will have access to all certification programs and learning material available there.

Choose Google Ads certification program.

As mentioned above, currently there are six different Google Ads certification programs. Each focuses on different areas of PPC marketing. Let’s have a quick overview.

  • Google Display Ads certification. This program focuses on on Display Network ads. You will learn to manage Google Display Ads, understand the basics and advanced concepts of how Display ads work. Together with Search advertising this program is a core of Google Ads. Other programs (Apps, Shopping, Video and Measurement) could be considered as more advanced, niche certifications.
  • Google Search Ads certification. One of the core Google Ads certifications that will teach you how to manage, optimize and run successful advertising campaigns on Google Search Network. I would recommend to start your learning path from google search ads certification or/and display ads certification programs.
  • Google Ads Measurement certification demonstrates your understanding of measurement solutions to efficiently track, monitor and measure the performance of your advertising campaigns. This certification program is more technical and could require some web development skills.
  • Google Ads Applications certification. This program focuses on Google apps campaigns. App advertising has some specific features, you will learn the basic and quite advanced practices of Google Apps campaigns.
  • Google Shopping Ads certification. There is no doubts that PPC campaigns are a big part of every ecommerce business. Understanding how Shopping Ads work and how to optimize shopping campaigns to achieve the best ROI possible is a very important skill in digital marketing.
  • Google Video Ads certification. Finally, Video Ads certification covers best practices of video advertising. You will get familiar with different video ad formats, how to manage and optimize video campaigns.
  • Google Ads Creative certification checks your knowledge about Google Ads formats, creatives and best practices. Do not confuse this program with Google Marketing Platforms creative certification exam. They are two different certifications.
  • Grow offline sales exam. Lastly, Google Grow offline sales certification concerns tactics how to drive sales to offline stores. Mostly covering shopping and ads for retailers.
  • Ai-powered performance certification. The latest Google Ads category certification that focuses on AI usage in Google Ads and performance optimizations using machine learning technologies.

How to prepare for Google Ads exams?

When you complete lessons, you can take a knowledge check assessment. These assessments are optional but could potentially show areas where you could improve. Make sure you understand the key concepts and how they work in practice. Many certification exam questions are practice based. And that’s the main reason why it could be quite challenging for beginners. You need to understand practical aspects of managing Google advertising campaigns and have some experience working with Google Ads platform.

Getting familiar with certification exam questions before taking the exam is also a good option. We’ll talk about this shortly.

Pass the exams and earn your Google ds certificate.

You’re ready to take your Google Ads exams now! The specifics of the exam will vary depending on what certification you seek.

You can take a Google Ads exams as many times you need to pass. However, there is only one attempt allowed per day and 24 hours between attempts so that the system does not get abused by people trying multiple exams at once!

After passing the exam you will get your certificate immediately. You can see all your achievements under your profile in Google SkillShop. You can download your certificate, share or even make it public via a special link.

Google Ads certification is valis for 1 year. You have to repass the exam in order to renew your certificates (exam questions won’t be the same).

Now, the ugly part about Google Ads exams.

As someone who was taking all these certifications during the last 7 years, also training and preparing teaching material, I want to share some pitfall of Google ds certification exams.

  • Google Ads certification exams contain technical errors. It is and it was always the case with Google Ads exams. Some questions have doubled options (2 same answer option but you have to choose one). Some questions do not have a correct answer in test backend (no matter what you choose it will be marked as wrong). Formatting issues. For example, you can choose only one option when 2 options are correct. Frankly these problems won’t probably affect you pass the exam or not as they concern less than 1-2 % of all possible questions. But could be really annoying.
  • Misleading questions. As mentioned, a big part of Google Ads certification exam questions are practice based scenarios. Many professional marketers agree that what is true in theory is not always a best solution in practice. That could be a reason why even experienced marketers struggle with some basic questions. They are simply to general or need more details to answer correctly. A correct answer to multiple Google Ads certification questions should be ‘Well, it depends”. Obviously, there is no such option.
  • Some questions sound very self-promotional. I understand that Google have to promote their services. But I doubt that exam questions is a good place for that.

Considering these aspects I would consider using exam answers list when passing Google Ads certifications.

How to Become Google Ads Certified (fast way)?

There are multiple valid reasons why you might use exam answer sheets before or even during the certification exam. Here are some of them:

  • Exam passing itself teaches you nothing. Your skills are important, not how difficult or easy the exam was when you took it. It’s not a workout. You won’t build any muscles taking exams.
  • You are an expert or a professional marketer and you just need to renew your certificates every year. I see no reason spending hours answering basic concepts in this case.
  • You have to meet exaggerated requirements that are not always relevant. I have seen too much offerings when a company requires having Google Ads certifications from potential candidates when they are hiring a SEO junior specialist, copywriter or even administration workers. In most cases, they will never touch Google Ads platform or PPC campaigns.
  • You just want to eliminate exam stress, and get familiar with exam questions before taking it. Actually I call this learning method as inverse learning. Knowing exam questions before starting the course could give you a good understanding about the key points you need to focus on the most. It can improve your learning efficiency. Especially in these cases when most of learning material is video based.

These are some most common questions people ask about Google Ads certifications.

Do Google Ads Certifications Expire?

Yes, your Google Ads Certifications expire. They are only valid for one year from the date that you pass each respective exam and they will stop appearing in SkillShop once this time period has passed if it is not renewed before then! Google Ads exams are frequently updates, so you should expect the exam to be different after 1 year.

Are Google Ads certifications Free?

All Google Ads Certifications are free. Do not get confused by some old posts concerning AdWords exams (Google Ads was previously branded as AdWords). Days with 50 USD per AdWords exam are gone. All certification programs available in Google SkillShop are free now.

Are Google Ads certifications valuable?

Google Ads certifications in Google SkillShop are widely recognized. It’s an official Google certification at the end. And the only one Google backed certification in Google Ads area. While we could have different opinions on how specific and valuable they are the most importantly they demonstrate your mindset to learn and improve over time.

How much do Google Ads Specialists earn?

This amount varies based on experience, company, and specific location. The lower end of the range is $40K. The upper end of the range is $120K. The average salary of someone who works in this field according to Glassdoor was $70K and they said if I decided sell my service by starting up on own digital marketing agency then earnings would vary based off how many campaigns manage etc., but there are also other options available such as charging percentage ad spend plus monthly fees which means more flexibility.

How do I become an expert for Google ads?

Passing Google AdWords exams won’t make you a Google Ads specialist. You need to gain experience managing campaigns trying to achieve specific marketing goals. Only improving your skills and constantly learning you can become a specialist in online advertising.

What are common jobs for Google Ads professionals?

Some job roles that are relevant to Google Ads certifications are all levels of PPC Specialist, Google Ads specialists, Digital Marketers, Bloggers, E-commerce marketers, Content marketing specialist and others. Usually all these roles are a part of marketing team and work together to achieve the best possible results for the company or clients.

The digital marketing specialist is a more generic position that can handle search engine optimization (SEO), social media, content creation and paid advertisements.

PPC specialists usually manage specific PPC campaigns. Google Ads Specialists are in high demand, and it’s easy to see why. These specialists work at an agency as a mid-level employee reporting directly under the account manager who handles overall strategy for their client relationships!


Google Ads certification could be a valuable add-on to your resume or social profile.  This certification program is one of the most trusted and widely recognized certification in Digital Marketing and PPC field.

Whether your seek a Digital marketer career or looking to start your digital agency business these certificates are definitely worth adding.

If you want to save some time preparing and passing Google Ads exams consider consulting Google Ads certification exam answers before taking the exam.

What’s next?

After getting Google Ads certified and gaining some experience managing advertising campaigns you could consider getting certified in more specific areas. Google SkillShop offers Google Marketing Platform certifications that are tailored to advanced marketers that manage multiple campaigns.

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