Amanda is the marketing manager for a plant nursery. She has a large number of campaigns and needs help keeping her bids relevant every day. How can automated bidding help her?

By automatically setting the maximum CPC bid limit.

By guaranteeing improved results.

By setting her bids when auctions happen.

By keeping her ads updated with new copy.

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Explanation: The correct answer is ‘By setting her bids when auctions happen.’ Automated bidding can assist Amanda, the marketing manager for a plant nursery, by dynamically adjusting her bids in real-time during auctions based on various factors such as user behavior, device, location, and time of day. This ensures that her bids remain relevant and competitive, maximizing the chances of winning ad placements that are most likely to drive valuable clicks and conversions. With a large number of campaigns to manage, automated bidding alleviates the burden of manually monitoring and adjusting bids for each campaign, allowing Amanda to allocate her time and resources more efficiently. By leveraging automated bidding, Amanda can optimize her bidding strategy across multiple campaigns to achieve her desired performance goals, whether it’s maximizing clicks, conversions, or return on ad spend. Therefore, automated bidding can significantly benefit Amanda by ensuring that her bids remain relevant and competitive in the dynamic auction environment, ultimately improving the effectiveness and efficiency of her advertising campaigns for the plant nursery.

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