Amanda uses 'Influence consideration' as a marketing objective for her Google Display Ads campaign. Which targeting options are a good fit for Amanda's campaign?

In-Market audiences, Custom Intent audiences, Similar Audiences

Custom Intent audiences, Similar Audiences, Custom Affinity audiences

Custom Intent audiences, Similar Audiences, Affinity Audiences

In-Market audiences, Affinity Audiences, Similar Audiences

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Explanation: For Amanda’s Google Display Ads campaign with the marketing objective of ‘Influence consideration,’ the most suitable targeting options are In-Market audiences, Affinity Audiences, and Similar Audiences. In-Market audiences consist of users who are actively researching or considering purchasing products or services related to Amanda’s offerings, making them highly relevant for influencing consideration and driving conversions. Affinity Audiences comprise users with specific interests or lifestyle preferences relevant to Amanda’s target audience, allowing her to reach potential customers who are more likely to engage with her ads and consider her offerings. Additionally, Similar Audiences enable Amanda to expand her reach by targeting users who share characteristics and behaviors similar to her existing customer base, thereby increasing the likelihood of reaching users who are receptive to her marketing messages and open to considering her products or services. These targeting options align closely with Amanda’s objective of influencing consideration by reaching users who are actively exploring relevant products or services, as well as those who exhibit similar interests and behaviors to her target audience, thus maximizing the effectiveness of her Display Ads campaign in driving consideration and ultimately, conversions.

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