Amy has created a new brand for her company's goldfish training materials. She knows that other companies train goldfish and it is a popular sport, but realizes that it is a niche market. She wants to use a Google Display Ads campaign to build awareness for her new brand. Which Google Display ad targeting option can help Amy with her goal of creating awareness within her niche market?

Standard remarketing

Dynamic remarketing

Affinity audiences

Custom Affinity audiences

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Explanation: To build awareness for her new brand within her niche market of goldfish training materials, Custom Affinity audiences would be the most suitable Google Display ad targeting option for Amy. Custom Affinity audiences allow advertisers to create audience segments based on specific interests, behaviors, and affinities that are relevant to their niche market. In Amy’s case, she can create a custom affinity audience tailored to individuals who have shown an interest in goldfish training, pet training, fish care, or related topics. By targeting this custom audience, Amy can ensure that her ads are displayed to users who are most likely to be interested in her niche product offerings, maximizing the effectiveness of her awareness-building campaign. Custom Affinity audiences enable Amy to reach a highly targeted audience within her niche market, increasing the likelihood of engagement and brand awareness among potential customers interested in goldfish training materials. Therefore, selecting Custom Affinity audiences accurately reflects the targeting option that can best help Amy achieve her goal of creating awareness within her niche market.

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