An advertiser doesn't have much time to create ads, and hopes to use a Display campaign to automatically create them. Which two building blocks must they supply in order for a Display campaign to automate their ad creation? Choose two.





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Explanation: The correct answer options are Headlines and Images. In the context of a Display campaign, these are essential building blocks that advertisers must supply to enable the automated ad creation process. Headlines provide the primary text that grabs the audience’s attention and conveys the main message of the ad. Images serve as visual assets that complement the headline and help to make the ad visually appealing and engaging. By providing these two key components, advertisers allow the Display campaign to automatically generate ads using these building blocks along with other elements like descriptions, logos, and other ad elements. This automation saves time and effort for the advertiser while still ensuring that the resulting ads are compelling and effective in reaching the target audience. Videos and keywords, while important in other types of campaigns, are not necessary building blocks for automated ad creation in Display campaigns. Therefore, focusing on supplying headlines and images would best meet the advertiser’s goal of streamlining the ad creation process.

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