An advertiser is interested in generating conversions through Google Display ads, but they're relying on the campaign's help to set bids. Which two bidding strategies used in Display campaigns can they choose from to automatically set their bids? Choose two.

Target CPA (cost per acquisition)

Cost per engagement

Enhanced CPC (cost-per-click)

Target ROAS (return on ad spend)

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Explanation: The correct answers are ‘Target CPA (cost per acquisition)’ and ‘Target ROAS (return on ad spend).’ These two bidding strategies used in Display campaigns enable advertisers to automatically set their bids based on specific performance goals. Target CPA allows advertisers to set a desired cost per acquisition, and Google’s automated bidding system adjusts bids in real-time to achieve that target, maximizing conversions while maintaining the desired acquisition cost. On the other hand, Target ROAS allows advertisers to set a desired return on ad spend, and Google’s automated bidding system adjusts bids to maximize the return on investment based on the specified ROAS goal. By utilizing these bidding strategies, advertisers can rely on Google’s machine learning algorithms to optimize bids for conversions and revenue, allowing them to achieve their advertising objectives efficiently and effectively without the need for manual bid adjustments. Therefore, both Target CPA and Target ROAS are suitable bidding strategies for advertisers looking to generate conversions through Google Display ads while relying on automated bid management.

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