An agency is interested in using automation to more effectively manage their Google Display campaigns. What's one automation model that Display campaigns provide?

Automated bidding

Automated YouTube video creation

Automated rule creation

Automated video production

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Explanation: The correct answer is ‘Automated bidding.’ Google Display campaigns offer automated bidding as a powerful automation model to help advertisers more effectively manage their campaigns. Automated bidding leverages machine learning algorithms to adjust bids in real-time based on various factors such as user behavior, device, location, time of day, and other contextual signals. By automating the bidding process, advertisers can optimize their campaigns for specific objectives such as maximizing conversions, maximizing clicks, or achieving a target return on ad spend (ROAS) without the need for manual bid adjustments. Automated bidding helps advertisers save time and resources while improving campaign performance by automatically adjusting bids to capture valuable opportunities and maximize results. Additionally, automated bidding allows advertisers to scale their campaigns efficiently and react quickly to changes in the advertising landscape, ensuring that their ads are competitive and effective in driving desired outcomes. Therefore, automated bidding is an essential automation model provided by Display campaigns, empowering advertisers to achieve their campaign objectives more effectively and efficiently.

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