Colin wants to get the word out about his newest product. He's planning to create a Google Display campaign with building awareness as his marketing objective. Why would Colin choose 'Build awareness' as his marketing objective?

He wants to create dynamic call-only ads to reach specific audiences.

He wants to use Google's automation technology to grow direct sales of his products.

He wants to engage users who intend to purchase his products and are actively researching them.

He wants to get his newest product in front of as many people as possible.

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Explanation: The correct answer is ‘He wants to get his newest product in front of as many people as possible.’ Colin would choose ‘Build awareness’ as his marketing objective because his primary goal is to increase the visibility of his newest product among a broad audience. By selecting this objective, Colin aims to generate brand awareness and familiarize potential customers with his product, thereby increasing its exposure to as many people as possible. This objective is suitable for Colin’s situation because it focuses on reaching a wide audience and making them aware of his product’s existence, which is crucial for driving interest and consideration among consumers. Building awareness lays the groundwork for future marketing efforts and can ultimately lead to increased sales and brand recognition. Therefore, choosing ‘Build awareness’ aligns with Colin’s objective of spreading the word about his newest product and maximizing its exposure to potential customers through his Google Display campaign.

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