Darren notices that many people viewed specific products on his website without purchasing them. He creates a Google Display Ad to drive sales of those exact products. Which option will best suit Darren's marketing goal?

Custom Intent audiences

Demographic targeting

Dynamic remarketing

Affinity Audiences

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Explanation: The correct answer is ‘Dynamic remarketing.’ Darren’s objective is to target individuals who have already shown interest in specific products on his website but did not make a purchase. Dynamic remarketing is the ideal strategy for this scenario because it allows advertisers to show tailored ads featuring the exact products that users previously viewed. By leveraging dynamic remarketing, Darren can create personalized ads that display the products his website visitors showed interest in, thus increasing the likelihood of conversion by reminding them of their initial interest and encouraging them to complete the purchase. This approach enhances the relevance of the ads and maximizes the chances of driving sales by re-engaging potential customers with products they have already demonstrated an interest in, aligning perfectly with Darren’s goal of driving sales for specific products that users have previously viewed on his website.

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