Diana is running a successful remarketing campaign. She wants to expand her reach with other targeting options. While creating a new Google Ads Display campaign with the 'Influence consideration' marketing objective, she chooses Similar Audiences as her targeting option. What information is used to identify Similar Audiences?

Input from keywords, URLs, and apps

Audience interest around different topics

Users actively researching and intending to buy new products or services

Input from specific landing pages and keywords

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Explanation: The correct answer is Audience interest around different topics. Similar Audiences targeting option leverages audience interests to identify users who share similar interests, behaviors, or characteristics with those in Diana’s existing remarketing list. By selecting Similar Audiences, Diana can extend her reach beyond users who have interacted with her website or products before, allowing her to connect with new potential customers who exhibit similar interests or behaviors. Google analyzes various signals, including browsing behavior, website visitation patterns, and user engagement across its network, to identify users who demonstrate a high likelihood of being interested in Diana’s products or services based on their demonstrated interests in related topics. This approach enables Diana to effectively target a broader audience segment that is predisposed to considering her offerings, thereby enhancing her campaign’s potential to influence consideration and drive valuable actions such as website visits, engagements, and conversions. By utilizing Similar Audiences targeting, Diana can diversify her targeting strategy, reach new prospects, and further optimize her Display campaign for success.

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