A resort wants to pay a premium to advertise on the homepage of multiple online travel agencies, but they also want the flexibility of backing out of the deal if weather conditions aren't optimal near launch day. What Display & Video 360 deal types will meet their requirements?

Preferred deal or Private Auction deal

Preferred deal or Programmatic Guaranteed deal

Programmatic Guaranteed deal or Open Auction deal

Private Auction deal or Open Auction deal

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Explanation: To meet the resort’s requirements of advertising on the homepage of multiple online travel agencies with the flexibility to back out based on weather conditions, the suitable Display & Video 360 deal types would be a “Preferred deal” or a “Private Auction deal.” In a Preferred deal, the resort can negotiate premium placements directly with the selected online travel agencies, ensuring prime visibility on their homepages. Additionally, a Private Auction deal provides the flexibility needed, allowing the resort to participate in an auction with selected agencies but with the privacy and control to adjust or withdraw based on external factors like weather conditions. These deal types offer a balance between premium exposure and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, aligning with the resort’s advertising goals.

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Elevating Visibility: Flexible Advertising Deals for Resorts on Online Travel Agencies’ Homepages with Display & Video 360

For resorts seeking to boost their visibility and attract more guests, advertising on the homepages of online travel agencies (OTAs) offers a prime opportunity to reach travelers at the point of booking. However, in an industry where weather conditions can significantly impact travel plans, maintaining flexibility while securing premium ad placements is essential. In this blog post, we’ll explore the Display & Video 360 (DV360) deal types that can meet the requirements of resorts looking to advertise on multiple OTAs’ homepages with the option to back out if weather conditions aren’t optimal near launch day.

Tailoring Deals to Meet Resort Needs

To address the specific needs of resorts seeking flexibility and premium visibility on OTAs’ homepages, two key deal types in DV360 come to mind: Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deals.

Programmatic Guaranteed Deals

Programmatic Guaranteed deals offer the benefits of premium inventory and fixed pricing while providing the flexibility to back out of the deal if necessary. Here’s how it works:

  • Premium Inventory: Resorts can negotiate directly with OTAs to secure ad placements on their homepages, ensuring maximum visibility to travelers during the booking process.

  • Fixed Pricing: Advertisers agree to a fixed price for the ad placements, allowing for precise budget allocation and cost control.

  • Flexibility: Despite the fixed pricing structure, Programmatic Guaranteed deals offer flexibility in terms of campaign duration and creative, giving resorts the ability to adapt their campaigns to changing circumstances, such as weather conditions near launch day.

Preferred Deals

Preferred Deals operate similarly to Programmatic Guaranteed deals but offer a bit more flexibility in terms of pricing and inventory access. Here’s why resorts might consider this option:

  • Priority Access to Inventory: Resorts gain priority access to ad inventory on OTAs’ homepages, ensuring premium visibility to potential guests.

  • Negotiable Pricing: While the pricing is negotiated upfront, it may be more flexible compared to Programmatic Guaranteed deals, allowing resorts to adjust terms if needed.

  • Control and Transparency: Resorts have more control over where their ads appear and can see inventory availability before making a commitment, providing greater transparency and peace of mind.

Practical Insights and Personal Experience

In my experience working with resorts and travel clients, securing premium ad placements on OTAs’ homepages is critical for driving bookings and maximizing revenue. By leveraging Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deals in DV360, we’ve been able to negotiate favorable terms with OTAs while maintaining the flexibility to adapt our campaigns based on external factors, such as weather conditions.

For instance, if inclement weather is forecasted near the launch day of a campaign, we can quickly assess the situation and make informed decisions about whether to proceed with the deal or postpone it. This flexibility ensures that our clients’ advertising investments are optimized for success while mitigating any potential risks associated with adverse weather conditions.

In conclusion, for resorts looking to elevate their visibility on multiple OTAs’ homepages while maintaining flexibility and control over their advertising spend, Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deals in DV360 offer the perfect solution. By securing premium inventory and negotiating favorable terms, resorts can attract more guests and drive bookings with confidence, even in the face of unpredictable weather conditions.

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