In Display & Video 360, a national gift shop chain created a specific audience for their campaign, which is geared toward holiday shoppers. They don't want their audience seeing the ad more than twice a month. How should you set up frequency management?

You should set it up in their campaign settings.

You should set it up in their line item settings.

You should set it up in their insertion order settings.

You should set it up in their specific audience settings.

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Explanation: To manage the frequency of their holiday shopper campaign effectively in Display & Video 360, the national gift shop chain should configure frequency management settings within their specific audience settings. By setting up frequency management at the audience level, advertisers can control how often individuals within the targeted audience see the ad. In this case, the gift shop chain aims to limit the exposure to a maximum of twice a month for holiday shoppers. Adjusting frequency within the specific audience settings ensures that this constraint is applied precisely to the intended audience, preventing overexposure and fatigue while optimizing the campaign’s performance during the holiday season.

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Maximizing Ad Effectiveness: Setting Up Frequency Management in Display & Video 360

For national gift shop chains and retailers gearing up for holiday campaigns, managing ad frequency is essential to ensure that their messaging resonates with their target audience without overwhelming them. In Display & Video 360 (DV360), setting up frequency management requires careful consideration of campaign objectives and audience behavior. Let’s explore how to configure frequency management effectively for a holiday campaign aimed at gift shoppers, along with practical insights and personal experiences.

Understanding Frequency Management in DV360

Frequency management in DV360 allows advertisers to control the number of times their ads are shown to individual users within a specified time frame. By setting frequency caps, advertisers can prevent ad fatigue, maintain user engagement, and optimize campaign performance.

Configuring Frequency Management for a Holiday Campaign

Given that the national gift shop chain wants their holiday shoppers to see the ad no more than twice a month, the following steps can be taken to set up frequency management in DV360:

  1. Campaign-Level Configuration: Start by navigating to the campaign settings in DV360. Within the campaign settings, locate the frequency management options.

  2. Frequency Cap: Set a frequency cap of two impressions per month per user. This ensures that each user sees the ad no more than twice within a one-month period.

  3. Adjustment Period: Consider the duration of the holiday campaign and adjust the frequency cap accordingly. For example, if the campaign runs for three months, the frequency cap should be set to two impressions per month for each user throughout the campaign duration.

  4. Monitor and Optimize: Continuously monitor the frequency metrics in DV360 and optimize the frequency cap as needed based on campaign performance and user feedback.

Practical Insights and Use Cases

1. Preventing Overexposure:

By limiting the frequency of ad impressions, advertisers can prevent overexposure and ad fatigue among their target audience, ensuring that the messaging remains fresh and impactful throughout the holiday season.

2. Maximizing Engagement:

Optimizing frequency management helps maintain user engagement by delivering a balanced ad experience to holiday shoppers, increasing the likelihood of conversions and purchases.

Personal Experience and Insights

In my experience working with holiday campaigns in DV360, configuring frequency management has been crucial for achieving campaign objectives. By setting appropriate frequency caps and closely monitoring frequency metrics, we were able to prevent overexposure and maintain user engagement, resulting in improved campaign performance and ROI.


Effective frequency management is vital for maximizing the effectiveness of holiday campaigns in Display & Video 360. By setting up frequency caps to control ad exposure and prevent overexposure, advertisers can ensure that their messaging resonates with holiday shoppers without overwhelming them. By leveraging insights from frequency metrics and optimizing frequency settings as needed, advertisers can drive better results and make the most of their holiday advertising budgets.

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