The campaign for your Programmatic Guaranteed deal with a major clothing line was scheduled to go live today, but you notice that no impressions were run and no spend was reported in Display & Video 360. What first step do you take in the Deal Troubleshooter to figure out the issue?

Make sure your deal complies with publishers.

Make sure the line item for potential targeting issues is checked.

Make sure incoming bid requests are checked.

Make sure potential reach issues are checked.

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Explanation: Make sure incoming bid requests are checked. In the Deal Troubleshooter within Display & Video 360, the first step to identify the issue with a Programmatic Guaranteed deal that has not generated impressions or spend is to ensure that “incoming bid requests” are checked. Checking incoming bid requests helps verify if bid opportunities are reaching the system. If there is an issue with bid requests not being received, it could point to a problem with the deal setup, targeting, or other factors preventing the campaign from going live. By systematically going through the troubleshooting steps, advertisers can pinpoint the specific area causing the problem and take corrective actions to ensure the Programmatic Guaranteed deal performs as intended.

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Troubleshooting Programmatic Guaranteed Deals: A Guide for Marketers

As a digital marketer, ensuring the success of your advertising campaigns is paramount. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Imagine this scenario: you’re all set to launch a Programmatic Guaranteed deal with a major clothing line, but on the scheduled day, you notice that no impressions were run and no spend was reported in Display & Video 360. What do you do next?

Understanding Programmatic Guaranteed Deals

Before diving into troubleshooting, let’s briefly understand what Programmatic Guaranteed deals entail. These deals allow advertisers to reserve ad inventory in advance at a fixed price. They offer the benefits of guaranteed impressions and premium placements, making them an attractive option for marketers looking to secure specific audiences and placements for their campaigns.

The Deal Troubleshooter Approach

When faced with a situation where a Programmatic Guaranteed deal doesn’t seem to be delivering as expected, the first step is to remain calm and methodical in your approach. Here’s a step-by-step guide to troubleshooting the issue:

1. Verify Setup and Settings

The initial step is to ensure that all settings and configurations for the deal are correctly in place. Check if the deal is active and if the targeting criteria align with your campaign objectives. Additionally, review the start and end dates of the deal to ensure it hasn’t expired prematurely.

2. Review Creative Assets

Next, examine the creative assets associated with the deal. Ensure that the ad creatives comply with the specifications provided by the publisher and that they are approved for serving. Sometimes, issues may arise due to discrepancies or errors in the creative assets.

3. Check Delivery Status

In Display & Video 360, navigate to the deal’s delivery tab to check the delivery status. Look for any error messages or warnings that might indicate issues with ad serving. Pay attention to any discrepancies between booked impressions and actual delivery.

4. Investigate Reporting Data

Take a close look at the reporting data available in Display & Video 360. Analyze impression and spend data to identify any anomalies or unexpected patterns. Cross-reference this data with other relevant metrics to gain a comprehensive understanding of campaign performance.

5. Contact Support or Account Manager

If you’re unable to pinpoint the issue through self-troubleshooting, don’t hesitate to reach out to your support team or account manager for assistance. They can provide valuable insights and help resolve any technical issues that may be affecting your campaign.

Personal Experience

In my experience as a digital marketer, I’ve encountered situations where Programmatic Guaranteed deals faced unexpected challenges. In one instance, a deal failed to deliver impressions due to a discrepancy in targeting settings, which was quickly rectified by adjusting the parameters. Communication with the publisher and diligent monitoring of campaign performance were instrumental in resolving the issue promptly.


Troubleshooting Programmatic Guaranteed deals requires a systematic approach, attention to detail, and effective communication with stakeholders. By following the steps outlined in this guide and leveraging available resources, marketers can overcome challenges and ensure the success of their advertising campaigns.

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