You want to check your client's Brand Lift Study (BLS) in Display & Video 360 after recently launching a Programmatic Guaranteed deal for their new audio ads. You review the report and learn that the deal didn't receive any significant results. What could be causing this issue?

Display & Video 360 can't support Brand Lift measurement.

It takes several days for a report to show up in Display and Video 360.

Brand Lift can't be measured for Programmatic Guaranteed deals.

Brand Lift can't be measured for audio ads.

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Explanation: The reason for not receiving significant results in the Brand Lift Study (BLS) for a recently launched Programmatic Guaranteed deal for new audio ads in Display & Video 360 is that Brand Lift can’t be measured for Programmatic Guaranteed deals. Unlike other campaign types, Programmatic Guaranteed deals do not support Brand Lift measurement. The Brand Lift Study is designed to assess the impact of digital advertising on key brand metrics, but this functionality is not available for Programmatic Guaranteed deals. Advertisers should be aware that when using this deal type, traditional Brand Lift metrics may not be applicable. Therefore, the absence of significant results in the Brand Lift Study report for the Programmatic Guaranteed deal is expected due to the limitations in measuring brand lift for this specific deal type.

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Diagnosing Brand Lift Study (BLS) Issues in Display & Video 360: Insights for Programmatic Guaranteed Audio Ads

Launching a Programmatic Guaranteed deal for audio ads in Display & Video 360 (DV360) holds the promise of reaching target audiences effectively and driving brand lift. However, encountering challenges with the Brand Lift Study (BLS) can be disheartening, especially when the expected results don’t materialize. In this blog post, we’ll delve into potential reasons behind the lack of significant results in a BLS for Programmatic Guaranteed audio ads and offer insights to address the issue.

Understanding the Challenge

Picture this scenario: You’ve recently launched a Programmatic Guaranteed deal for your client’s new audio ads, aiming to boost brand awareness and perception among the target audience. However, upon reviewing the Brand Lift Study (BLS) report in DV360, you discover that the deal didn’t yield any significant results. What could be causing this issue? Let’s explore some potential factors:

1. Limited Reach or Impressions

One possible reason for the lack of significant results in the BLS could be limited reach or impressions. If the Programmatic Guaranteed deal didn’t achieve sufficient exposure to the target audience, it’s unlikely to drive measurable brand lift. Review the campaign settings and targeting parameters to ensure they align with the audience’s preferences and behaviors.

2. Ineffective Creative Messaging

The effectiveness of audio ads hinges on compelling creative messaging that resonates with the audience. If the ad content fails to capture attention or communicate the brand’s message effectively, it may not elicit the desired brand lift. Consider conducting a creative audit to identify opportunities for optimization and refinement.

3. Misalignment with Audience Preferences

Understanding the preferences and habits of the target audience is essential for crafting successful audio ad campaigns. If the Programmatic Guaranteed deal fails to align with the audience’s interests or fails to deliver relevant messaging, it’s unlikely to drive significant brand lift. Refine audience targeting based on demographic, behavioral, and contextual insights to enhance campaign performance.

4. Measurement and Attribution Challenges

Measuring brand lift accurately requires robust methodologies and reliable attribution models. If the BLS results appear inconclusive or inconsistent, it may indicate challenges with measurement accuracy or attribution. Review the methodology used for the BLS and ensure it aligns with industry best practices to obtain reliable insights into campaign effectiveness.

Personal Insights

Having navigated similar challenges in the realm of digital advertising, I’ve learned the importance of meticulous campaign planning, creative optimization, and audience targeting. One particular experience stands out, where a Programmatic Guaranteed deal for audio ads initially struggled to deliver significant brand lift. By conducting a comprehensive review of the campaign settings, refining creative messaging, and adjusting audience targeting based on insights from previous campaigns, we were able to enhance performance and drive measurable brand lift over time.


Encountering challenges with Brand Lift Studies (BLS) in Display & Video 360 is not uncommon, especially when launching Programmatic Guaranteed deals for audio ads. By identifying potential issues such as limited reach, ineffective creative messaging, misalignment with audience preferences, or measurement challenges, advertisers can take proactive steps to address the underlying factors and optimize campaign performance.

Moving forward, it’s essential to prioritize strategic planning, creative excellence, and data-driven decision-making to maximize the impact of Programmatic Guaranteed deals and drive tangible brand lift for clients. Embrace the opportunity to learn from setbacks, iterate on strategies, and continuously refine campaign approaches to achieve long-term success in the dynamic landscape of digital advertising.

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