Your real estate client just launched an ad campaign, and they're eager to quickly check impression levels. What Display & Video 360 report type will let them see the data right away?

An offline report

An instant report

A basic report

A keyword report

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Explanation: To swiftly assess impression levels for their recently launched ad campaign in Display & Video 360, the recommended report type for the real estate client is An instant report. Instant reports provide real-time data and quick insights, allowing advertisers to promptly review essential metrics such as impressions. This report type is ideal for clients who are eager to gauge the initial performance of their campaigns immediately after launch. The instant report offers a snapshot of key metrics, enabling the real estate client to make timely decisions and adjustments to optimize their campaign based on the rapidly available data.

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Exploring Real-Time Impression Tracking in Display & Video 360

When it comes to digital advertising, real-time data is crucial for making informed decisions and optimizing campaign performance. For real estate clients eager to monitor their ad campaigns promptly, Display & Video 360 offers a convenient solution through its comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Instant Insights with Display & Video 360 Reports

One of the most efficient ways for real estate clients to quickly check impression levels is by utilizing the “Active View: Impression” report in Display & Video 360. This report provides real-time data on impressions, allowing advertisers to monitor their ad visibility and performance as soon as the campaign goes live.

Practical Insights and Personal Experience

In my experience working with real estate clients, the ability to access real-time impression data has been invaluable. When launching ad campaigns for new property listings or promotions, clients are often eager to gauge initial audience engagement and ensure their ads are reaching the intended audience.

Utilizing the “Active View: Impression” report in Display & Video 360, we were able to monitor impression levels immediately after launching campaigns. This real-time visibility allowed us to make timely adjustments to targeting parameters, creative elements, or bidding strategies to maximize ad performance and reach.

For instance, during a recent campaign promoting luxury condominiums in a competitive market, we closely monitored impression levels using the Active View report. By identifying fluctuations in impression rates early on, we could optimize our targeting criteria to ensure our ads were being served to the most relevant audience segments, ultimately driving higher engagement and conversion rates.


Real estate clients can gain instant insights into their ad campaign performance by leveraging the “Active View: Impression” report in Display & Video 360. With real-time data on impression levels, advertisers can quickly assess the effectiveness of their campaigns and make necessary adjustments to optimize performance and achieve their marketing objectives.

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