A business owner is getting a good amount of traffic from their ads but not enough conversions. What action can they take to improve their conversion rate?

Turn off the ads to stop traffic.

Reduce campaign budgets.

Use more general keywords.

Add more negative keywords.

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Explanation: To improve their conversion rate when experiencing a good amount of traffic but not enough conversions, the business owner can take the action of adding more negative keywords. This option is correct because negative keywords are terms or phrases for which the business owner does not want their ads to appear. By identifying and adding relevant negative keywords to their campaigns, the business owner can refine their targeting and ensure that their ads are shown to the most relevant and qualified audience. Negative keywords help prevent wasted ad spend on clicks from users who are unlikely to convert, thereby improving the overall quality of traffic and increasing the likelihood of capturing valuable leads or customers. By filtering out irrelevant traffic, negative keywords can help focus ad spend on the most promising opportunities, ultimately leading to a higher conversion rate and improved campaign performance. Therefore, adding more negative keywords is an effective strategy for optimizing ad targeting and increasing conversion rates in situations where traffic volume is sufficient but conversion rates are lacking.

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