A marketer added a conversion tracking tag to a landing page on their company's website. When analyzing purchasing data, they found duplicate conversions. How can the marketer remove duplicate conversions from their conversion count?

They can sort the data by time and remove duplicate times found on entries.

They can toggle off the possible duplicates option at the top of the chart.

They can modify the event tag to capture a unique order ID.

They can disable the view-through conversion data column.

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Explanation: The marketer can remove duplicate conversions from their conversion count by modifying the event tag to capture a unique order ID. This option is correct because by updating the conversion tracking tag to capture a unique identifier associated with each conversion event, such as an order ID or transaction ID, duplicate conversions can be identified and filtered out based on this unique identifier. By ensuring that each conversion is uniquely attributed to a specific order or transaction, the marketer can prevent duplicate conversions from being counted multiple times in their reporting and analysis. This approach enables more accurate tracking of conversion data and provides a clearer understanding of the true performance and impact of their marketing efforts. The other options listed—sorting data by time, toggling off possible duplicates, or disabling the view-through conversion data column—do not directly address the issue of removing duplicate conversions and are therefore incorrect choices.

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