A marketer wants to analyze the return on investment (ROI) for media. Besides attribution, what method should they use?

They should use conversion lift.

They should use Smart Bidding.

They should use a marketing mix model.

They should use viewable CPM.

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Explanation: Besides attribution, a marketer should use a marketing mix model to analyze the return on investment (ROI) for media. This option is correct because a marketing mix model (MMM) is a statistical analysis technique used to measure the impact and effectiveness of various marketing activities across different channels and touchpoints. By analyzing historical data on sales, advertising spend, and other marketing inputs, a marketing mix model can quantify the contribution of each marketing channel or tactic to overall sales or other key performance indicators (KPIs). Unlike attribution models, which focus on assigning credit to specific touchpoints in the customer journey, MMM considers the broader context of all marketing efforts, including both online and offline channels, to provide a comprehensive understanding of how different marketing activities interact and influence consumer behavior. By incorporating factors such as seasonality, competitive activity, and external market influences, MMM enables marketers to assess the true impact of their media investments and optimize resource allocation for maximum ROI. Additionally, marketing mix models are often used in conjunction with attribution models to provide a holistic view of marketing performance and guide strategic decision-making. The other options listed—using conversion lift, Smart Bidding, or viewable CPM—are not appropriate methods for analyzing ROI for media in the broader sense of evaluating the overall effectiveness of marketing investments across multiple channels and touchpoints, making them incorrect choices.

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