As you get to know Google Ads, what would you identify as the three basic components of a Google Search ad?

Queries, marketing goals, and Search ads are the basic components.

Queries, ad formats, and keywords are the basic components.

Targeting, ad formats, and bid strategies are the basic components.

AI, bid strategies, and creatives are the basic components.

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Explanation: Understanding the fundamental components of a Google Search ad is essential for effective campaign management and optimization. The correct option, ‘Targeting, ad formats, and bid strategies,’ accurately identifies the three basic components of a Google Search ad. Targeting refers to the audience segmentation and criteria used to determine who sees the ad, ensuring it reaches the most relevant audience for the advertiser’s goals. Ad formats encompass the visual and textual elements of the ad itself, including headlines, descriptions, and extensions, which are designed to attract and engage users. Bid strategies determine how much the advertiser is willing to pay for user clicks or other desired actions, such as conversions or impressions, and play a crucial role in maximizing the ad’s performance within the specified budget constraints. These three components work together to define the overall structure and functionality of a Google Search ad, allowing advertisers to reach their target audience effectively while optimizing campaign performance and ROI. Therefore, understanding and leveraging these components is essential for success in Google Ads campaigns.

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