Which of the following are benefits of working as an in-house marketing employee? Select all that apply.

Likely have a clear path to promotion

Collaborate on a variety of initiatives in multiple industries

Gain knowledge and expertise in a specific industry

Get to know one company and its products

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Explanation: Working as an in-house marketing employee offers several benefits, including the likelihood of having a clear path to promotion. In an in-house role, employees often have well-defined career paths within the organization, allowing for structured advancement based on performance and contributions. Additionally, being an in-house marketer provides the opportunity to gain knowledge and expertise in a specific industry. This focused experience allows professionals to deeply understand the intricacies of a particular market, becoming specialists in the products or services offered. Furthermore, working in-house enables individuals to intimately get to know one company and its products, fostering a strong connection with the brand and contributing to a deeper understanding of the business’s goals and objectives.s

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