Which of the following are core pillars of social media marketing? Select all that apply.

Analytics and reporting

Sales and advertising

Planning and publishing

Listening and engagement

Certification program: 👉 Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate (Coursera)

Explanation: Core pillars of social media marketing include analytics and reporting, planning and publishing, as well as listening and engagement. Analytics and reporting involve measuring and analyzing the performance of social media activities, providing insights into the effectiveness of campaigns and informing future strategies. Planning and publishing are essential pillars that revolve around creating a content strategy, scheduling posts, and ensuring a consistent and coherent online presence. Listening and engagement focus on actively monitoring social media platforms for audience feedback, comments, and conversations, fostering meaningful interactions and building relationships with the audience. Together, these pillars form a comprehensive framework for executing successful social media marketing campaigns, from strategic planning and content creation to active engagement and data-driven optimization.

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