Which of the following is a Google Ad best practice?

Include as many keywords in the headlines as possible.

Avoid generic sales language, such as โ€œcall us today.โ€

Avoid adding more than one ad extension.

Always use the website homepage as the landing page.

Certification program: ๐Ÿ‘‰ Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate (Coursera)

Explanation: A Google Ads best practice is to avoid generic sales language, such as “call us today.” Google emphasizes the importance of creating ad copy that provides valuable and specific information to users. Generic sales language can be seen as unoriginal and may not resonate well with potential customers. Ads that offer unique selling propositions, clear benefits, and relevant information tend to perform better. Advertisers are encouraged to focus on conveying the uniqueness of their products or services, addressing user needs, and using compelling language that stands out. By avoiding generic phrases and emphasizing value, advertisers can improve ad relevance and increase the likelihood of attracting clicks from their target audience.

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