Which of the following refer to ad groups? Select all that apply.

It includes each Google ad campaign that contains one or more ad groups

It is the way to describe your product or service to potential customers

It is the way to organize and target ads into themed groups of keywords

It helps you reach people exactly when they're interested in a product and service

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Explanation: Ad groups are an integral part of structuring Google Ads campaigns. They function as thematic containers, allowing advertisers to organize and target their ads effectively. Each Google ad campaign can contain one or more ad groups, providing a hierarchical structure within the campaign. Ad groups play a crucial role in targeting, as they allow advertisers to group related keywords together. This thematic organization ensures that the ads within an ad group are relevant to a specific set of keywords, enhancing the campaign’s overall relevance and targeting precision. Unlike ad groups, the description of products or services and the concept of reaching people when they’re interested in a product or service are more aligned with the broader scope of Google Ads campaigns rather than the specific organizational role that ad groups play.

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