Campaign reporting provides many metrics to assess if a campaign is performing to expectations. If an objective is getting as many new users as possible at a certain cost, what two metrics might be most important to review? (Choose two)

Average cost per in-app action.

Number of installs.

Number of best assets.

Average cost per install.

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Explanation: When assessing the performance of a campaign aimed at acquiring new users at a certain cost, two crucial metrics to review are the ‘Number of installs’ and the ‘Average cost per install’. The ‘Number of installs’ directly measures the success of the campaign in attracting new users to the app, providing a clear indication of its effectiveness in achieving the desired objective. Meanwhile, the ‘Average cost per install’ metric reveals the efficiency of the campaign in terms of cost-effectiveness, showing how much the advertiser is paying on average for each new user acquired. By analyzing these two metrics together, advertisers can gauge the overall performance of their campaign, ensuring that they are acquiring new users at a reasonable cost and optimizing their budget allocation to maximize the number of installations within their specified budget constraints.

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