A business owner wants to set up their company's Google Video campaign to make sure people think about their brand in decision-making moments. What marketing objective connects to this goal?





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Explanation: The correct marketing objective that connects to the goal of ensuring people think about a brand in decision-making moments is Consideration. Consideration objectives focus on encouraging potential customers to contemplate and evaluate a brand’s products or services when they are in the process of making a decision. In the context of a Google Video campaign, aiming to influence customers’ perceptions and preferences in decision-making moments aligns with the consideration objective, as it seeks to position the brand favorably in the minds of consumers during the consideration phase of their purchasing journey. By leveraging video content strategically, businesses can showcase their unique value proposition, highlight key benefits, and provide relevant information that resonates with the needs and interests of their target audience, thereby nurturing consideration and preference for their brand. Ultimately, the consideration objective aims to drive engagement and influence purchase decisions by fostering a positive association with the brand, making it the most appropriate marketing objective for the business owner’s goal of ensuring that people think about their brand in decision-making moments. Therefore, selecting consideration as the marketing objective aligns with the objective of influencing customer perceptions and preferences during crucial decision-making moments, ultimately driving consideration and preference for the brand.

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