A successful awareness campaign ran with a 30-second video ad. You now want to remarket to audiences who saw it with memorable, shorter video ads. What video ad format should you pick to make that happen?

You should use bumper ads.

You should use non-skippable in-stream ads.

You should use in-feed video ads.

You should use masthead ads.

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Explanation: The correct video ad format to use for remarketing to audiences who saw the successful 30-second video ad with memorable, shorter video ads is bumper ads. Bumper ads are six-second video ads that are designed to deliver short, memorable messages to viewers. Their brevity makes them ideal for remarketing purposes, as they allow advertisers to reinforce the key message or brand recall established by the longer 30-second video ad in a succinct and impactful manner. Bumper ads are particularly effective in capturing viewers’ attention and leaving a lasting impression within a short span of time, making them well-suited for remarketing campaigns aimed at maintaining audience engagement and driving brand recall. By utilizing bumper ads for remarketing, advertisers can maximize the effectiveness of their campaign by delivering memorable and concise messages to audiences who have already been exposed to the longer video ad, thus reinforcing brand messaging and encouraging further interaction or conversion. Therefore, selecting bumper ads as the video ad format for remarketing aligns with the objective of delivering shorter, memorable video ads to audiences who have previously viewed the successful 30-second video ad, thereby enhancing brand recall and engagement.

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