A bike repair shop customer wants to make it easier for their repair technicians to alert customers when a job has been completed. Their repair technicians are busy and don’t have time to send individual messages to their customers. Which of the following is the fastest, easiest potential solution you could offer?

Set up an automated email workflow that triggers when the ticket is completed.

Build a mobile app that sends their customers alert messages when the repair technicians have finished the job.

Use the emails and tickets APIs to build an integration that auto-sends emails upon ticket completion.

Use the Webhooks API to send an alert to their customer on their website.

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Explanation: The selected answer, ‘Set up an automated email workflow that triggers when the ticket is completed,’ is correct because it offers the fastest and easiest potential solution for the bike repair shop customer’s requirement. Setting up an automated email workflow allows the repair shop to streamline the process of alerting customers when a job has been completed without requiring manual intervention from busy repair technicians. By configuring an email workflow triggered by the completion of a ticket, the repair shop can automate the communication process, ensuring that customers receive timely notifications without any additional effort from the technicians. This solution leverages existing email infrastructure and requires minimal setup and maintenance compared to building a custom mobile app or integrating with APIs. Additionally, automated email workflows are a common feature offered by many customer relationship management (CRM) or service management platforms, making it a readily available and accessible solution for the repair shop. Therefore, recommending the setup of an automated email workflow aligns with the customer’s need for a fast and easy solution that effectively addresses their requirement to alert customers when repair jobs are completed, making it the most suitable option among the provided choices.

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