A colleague at another company has developed a sales process with four steps in it. They are concerned that the process is too short. What would you tell them?

“If the process is robust enough to support the needs of your sales team, it doesn’t matter how long or short it is.”

“Shorter processes are easier for salespeople to remember and execute, so having such a short process is ideal.”

“Don’t forget to include steps for places where a sale runs into trouble. Have you considered adding steps for following up, rescheduling meetings, and finding a new point of contact?”

“Four steps might actually be too long. The ideal sales process has three steps: prospect, demo, close.”

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Explanation: The correct answer is “If the process is robust enough to support the needs of your sales team, it doesn’t matter how long or short it is.” The length of a sales process is not the primary factor determining its effectiveness. Instead, what matters most is whether the process adequately addresses the needs of the sales team and aligns with the buyer’s journey. A shorter process can indeed be advantageous in terms of simplicity and ease of execution, as it reduces complexity and minimizes the chance of salespeople becoming overwhelmed or confused. However, a longer process may be necessary if it provides the necessary framework for addressing various buyer concerns, objections, or complexities in the sales cycle. Therefore, the key is to ensure that the sales process, whether short or long, is comprehensive, adaptable, and capable of guiding sales representatives through each stage of the sales journey effectively. Ultimately, the success of a sales process lies in its ability to facilitate meaningful interactions with prospects, build trust, and ultimately drive conversions, regardless of its length.

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