A company has recently launched a new product and is curious about public sentiment. They've received a significant amount of social media comments about the product. Which of the following strategies would be the most effective way to better understand general public perception?

Adding each comment into a spreadsheet to evaluate the sentiment

Ignoring the comments as they don't provide substantial data

Using an AI tool to analyze the sentiment of posts and comments

Responding to each comment asking for clarification on sentiment

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Explanation: Using an AI tool to analyze the sentiment of posts and comments would be the most effective way to better understand general public perception. This option is correct because AI tools can efficiently process large volumes of social media comments and analyze sentiment at scale, providing valuable insights into overall public sentiment towards the new product. These tools use advanced algorithms to categorize comments as positive, negative, or neutral based on language, context, and tone, allowing the company to gauge the overall reception of the product across different segments of the audience. This approach enables the company to identify patterns, trends, and areas of concern or opportunity in public sentiment, informing strategic decision-making and potential adjustments to marketing strategies or product features. In contrast, manually adding each comment into a spreadsheet would be time-consuming and impractical, while ignoring the comments altogether would disregard valuable feedback and insights from the target audience. Similarly, responding to each comment individually may not provide a comprehensive understanding of overall sentiment and could be perceived as intrusive or dismissive by social media users. Therefore, leveraging AI tools to analyze sentiment offers a data-driven and efficient approach to understanding public perception and informing strategic decision-making in response to social media feedback.

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