A critical first step to choosing your website design tools is to ___________.

map your data to you your website

import all user data into your platform

map business goals to website functionality

review your budget for spending limits

ask your team what tools they like to use

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Explanation: The correct answer is map business goals to website functionality. Before selecting website design tools, it’s crucial to align them with the overarching business objectives. Mapping business goals to website functionality ensures that the chosen tools support the specific needs and objectives of the organization. By understanding the desired outcomes and functionalities required to achieve those goals, teams can identify tools that best fit their requirements. This process involves assessing how each tool contributes to achieving business objectives, such as increasing lead generation, improving user experience, or enhancing conversion rates. By mapping business goals to website functionality, organizations can ensure that the selected tools align with their strategic objectives and maximize the effectiveness of their website design efforts.

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