A customer portal helps customers do all of the following EXCEPT:

access answers your support team has previously given.

respond to conversations on their own terms.

live chat with a support rep.

know the status of their support tickets.

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Explanation: The selected answer, ’live chat with a support rep,’ is correct. A customer portal typically facilitates self-service and empowers customers to independently access support resources, view the status of their support tickets, and respond to conversations at their convenience. However, live chat functionality usually occurs outside of the customer portal. Live chat typically involves real-time communication with a support representative through a chat interface embedded on a website or within a dedicated chat platform. While live chat is an essential component of customer support, it often operates separately from the customer portal, allowing customers to initiate immediate interactions with support agents when they require real-time assistance. In contrast, the primary function of a customer portal is to offer self-service options, such as accessing knowledge base articles, viewing ticket histories, and managing support inquiries without the need for direct interaction with a support representative. Therefore, the statement that a customer portal helps customers live chat with a support rep is incorrect, as live chat functionality is typically separate from the customer portal’s features and capabilities.

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