A customer wants a ticket’s data called on a certain web page to also be available in other parts of the integration. What could you do to ensure you’re not making too many of the same calls to the API?

Cache the data on the first call and then grab the data from the cache on subsequent uses.

Use a batch API to call the data multiple times with one endpoint.

Write an automation with a webhook API that’ll call the data on subsequent uses.

Restrict the data to only appear on certain web pages.

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Explanation: To ensure efficient integration and avoid redundant API calls, the optimal approach is to cache the data on the first call and then grab the data from the cache on subsequent uses. By caching the data, you store the retrieved information in a temporary storage location such as memory or disk. Subsequent requests for the same data can then be served directly from this cache without needing to call the API again, thus reducing the load on the API and improving response times. This method is particularly effective for frequently accessed data that doesn’t change frequently. Using a batch API or writing an automation with a webhook API might be viable alternatives in certain scenarios, but they don’t directly address the issue of reducing redundant API calls as effectively as caching does. Additionally, restricting the data to only appear on certain web pages does not inherently solve the problem of minimizing API calls; it merely limits where the data is displayed rather than how it is fetched and reused across the integration. Therefore, caching the data is the most suitable solution for ensuring efficient data retrieval and integration performance while minimizing the strain on the API.

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