A customer wants to create an internal integration that’ll assign a contact directly to a chosen workflow. What type of integration would this be and what type of authentication method would you use?

One-to-many, OAuth

One-to-one, OAuth

One-to-many, Private app

One-to-one, Private app

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Explanation: The correct answer is ‘One-to-one, Private app.’ In this scenario, where the customer intends to create an internal integration to assign a contact directly to a chosen workflow, a one-to-one integration is suitable. A one-to-one integration involves a direct connection between two systems, typically between the customer’s application and the HubSpot platform in this case, enabling seamless communication and data exchange between them. Since this integration is internal and specific to the customer’s use case, a private app authentication method would be appropriate. Private apps allow organizations to create custom integrations for their internal use, granting them secure access to the HubSpot platform’s functionalities without exposing sensitive data or functionalities to external parties. This authentication method ensures that only authorized users within the organization can access and utilize the integration, maintaining data privacy and security. Therefore, a one-to-one integration with a private app authentication method aligns with the customer’s requirements for creating an internal integration to assign contacts to workflows directly.

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