A customer wants to help their sales team generate new deals through email, which is their primary form of communication with potential customers. They’re evaluating whether they should build a custom solution. What’s the first question you should answer to help them determine next steps?

What problem is this integration aiming to solve?

What type of integration will you need to build?

What part of the HubSpot platform are you trying to integrate with?

What tier of HubSpot accounts does your user or company currently have?

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Explanation: The first question to answer to help the customer determine next steps is ‘What problem is this integration aiming to solve?’ This question is the most crucial because it sets the foundation for the entire integration process. Understanding the specific problem or challenge that the customer is facing allows for a clear identification of the objectives and requirements of the integration. In this scenario, the customer’s primary goal is to assist their sales team in generating new deals through email, which is their main channel of communication with potential customers. By addressing this question first, it enables the exploration of whether a custom solution is necessary to effectively address the identified problem. It also facilitates a comprehensive analysis of alternative solutions, such as existing features or integrations within the HubSpot platform, before committing to building a custom solution. Additionally, by focusing on the problem at hand, it ensures that the integration aligns closely with the customer’s specific needs and objectives, ultimately leading to a more successful implementation and outcome. The other options, such as determining the type of integration needed or the part of the HubSpot platform to integrate with, are secondary considerations that depend on the problem being solved and should be addressed after clarifying the primary objective of the integration. Similarly, understanding the tier of HubSpot accounts is relevant for certain technical limitations or access to features but is not as crucial as identifying the core problem that the integration aims to solve. Therefore, the question about the problem the integration aims to solve is the correct first step in determining the next course of action.

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