A Facebook lookalike audience is based on:

people who have already expressed an interest in your business

new people who share the characteristics of your existing customers

the number of years a person has been on Facebook

people who have viewed your social media posts but not interacted with them

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Explanation: The correct answer is new people who share the characteristics of your existing customers. A Facebook lookalike audience is a group of users created by Facebook’s algorithm to resemble an existing audience, typically the business’s current customers or another custom audience. The platform analyzes the attributes, behaviors, and demographics of the selected source audience and then identifies users who exhibit similar characteristics but haven’t yet interacted with the business. By targeting lookalike audiences, businesses can expand their reach to new potential customers who are likely to have similar interests, preferences, and purchasing behaviors as their existing customer base. This approach allows businesses to effectively reach and engage with a broader audience that shares traits with their most valuable customers, maximizing the potential for acquiring new leads or generating conversions. Therefore, the statement accurately describes the basis of a Facebook lookalike audience.

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